New Game Launcher

you should really re-read at least the opening post and the various funcom responses.

Problem is none of the new posters are reading it. Maybe if Ignasis put up a you tube video??? and got followers to log in and support it?


I’ve had some time under my belt with the new Launcher. It’s actually pretty charming. Makes me want to play all them other titles, got some Conan pals who could use a little side fun. Why would anybody object to this?

One strong con: the swirling animation that remains once the game is in play.

There are plenty of valid reasons, but do you really want to start that discussion here?

A discussion is not my concern. My opinion is that anybody who’s actually tried it would say the same thing. Where’s the beef?

Isn’t that what this thread is for, a discussion on the New Game Launcher? If someone has a line of reasoning that says more than, we don’t want it: we don’t need it, I would like to hear it.

Not necessarily. This thread has a relatively narrow purpose: give the team feedback about how to improve the new launcher. It’s not there to discuss all the different, valid reasons why some of us don’t want a new launcher at all.

It’s not beef. I was just pointing out that there are people like me who have tried the new launcher and still have valid reasons not to want one, no matter how charming it is :slight_smile:

And I’m worried that if I start talking about those, I might be derailing the thread from what it’s supposed to do. If there is real interest in discussing these things, perhaps we could start another thread? Although, to be honest, I’m not very keen on doing that myself. I’m still reeling from the fustercluck that came out of my last attempt to do something like that :smiley:


Because I diligently close the resource-hog Steam UI anyway, a Launcher bothers me little. In fact, it sits pleasantly on my lower screen right under my playing monitor. I actually thought about inviting one of my buddies for a game of Hide and Shriek.

I, for one, would like to see somebody make an argument for what’s wrong with a launcher. Additionally, full disclosure, it’s not clear whether this Launcher could be coming to Console. Because if it is, it will be a positive game changer. This possibility puts me on the shaky side of ebullient. In other words, less objective than normal.

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You brought this on yourself…


Kind of feel the same way. I was just about to buy the rest of the DLC’s I don’t own yet when I saw this. Looks like I’d do well to hold off for a bit…

For the love of all that is good. Please don’t add another launcher. Less is more.

Solarius, I found a solution, make a jump (on PC, use space-bar), then aiming is restored and you’ll hit the target. Not sure why this is an issue, but I’ve noticed missing targets regularly as well.

Yeah. Same here. I Think I will wait untill I’m sure this is canceled

Nobody wants launchers. Nobody has ever benefited from a game specific launcher. We have so many stupid launchers cluttering up our computers typically only used for maybe one or two games. It’s an absolute waste of space on our systems and does nothing, and I repeat NOTHING but make accessing the game and relevant information significantly more tedious. Please, do not ever even consider the idea of a launcher. The only thing you’re trying to do with a launcher is get exposure for your other games, that’s it, we don’t care about the other games. If we wanted to see your other projects we’d seek them out ourselves (and still would prefer them be operated through Steam like 99% of our other games mind you).

tl;dr: No launcher. Ever. For any reason.

Yeah we dont need another launcher.

Steam already manages everything we need to know.

Lets focus on bugs and patches please, thank you!

This is a deal breaker for many of us.
Steam is the ONLY launcher I will have installed on my pc.
No Epic. No Origin. No Bethesda…
And certainly not this garbage.
So if you want to see even more players start uninstalling your games, do your thing.
Otherwise, be grateful to your loyal CUSTOMERS, and stop dumping all your schemy ideas onto your only successful venture.

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I have often seen players ask one thing on servers … Whether they will be able to use this launcher despite having Windows 7. So?

The launcher works with Win7.


Hey y’all,

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll be closing this thread and working on a new iteration of the launcher based on the constructive feedback collected.
Once it’s out and available for testing we’ll be opening a new thread to collect a new batch of feedback.