New Game Launcher

Thank you for the feedback thread.

It’s entirely understandable why the Game Launcher has been added, and most of those reasons are completely immune to the feedback against it. I understand, it sounds like an “easy win” for making sales and cross-marketing with more freedom than Steam allows.

I don’t think it’s a very effective strategy, and it’s probably going to be more annoying than malicious, but that’s the company’s business, not mine.

I do see there is a big absence in not including a button for the Testlive client separate from the main CE button. One of the few genuine-rather-than-cash arguments for a launcher would be to encourage easier and better use of Testlive by the community.


Exactly. If the launcher is to “put the Funcom options all in one place, redundant to Steam” the most important for CE is to include Testlive as well as the main game.

in this case nothing change for you. if you already use a desktop link to the conan exiles executable you will never see the launcher


it’s NOT a steam replacement in no way

If you have the TestLive client installed side-by-side with the normal client, then each one would come with its own launcher.

If you don’t, I’m afraid that switching from live to TestLive (and vice versa) is not just the matter of having one button – instead, it’s basically the equivalent of downloading a whole update, each time you want to switch.

I agree 100%

Thanks for the clarification @Multigun (bow) - and the very, Very clear reminder not to go off halfcocked (even quarter-) based on a stream notorious for somewhat slanted reviews.
Same to @Jimbo and head of reason :slight_smile: Again, it is key for players to verify facts, such as the simple clarification from FunCom: “Also, we’d like to clear what it seems a common misunderstanding at the moment. This launcher does not substitute Steam, it is not a storefront, it doesn’t sell anything outside of Steam’s store and there is no intention to pull the game from Steam.”
At least this incident is an excellent opportunity to remind oneself to always type out a posting, go get a cuppa (insertdrinkhere), re-read the posting, revise it, reread and sanitise and then make sure there is no emotive nonsense, that there is always a positive suggestion and a thanks to FC for continuing to maintain and update the game.


We don’t need another launcher. :worried:
We don’t need to load more windows. :weary:
We don’t need to click more buttons. :disappointed_relieved:

Now, go back and reread those sentences but replace the word “need” with the word “want”

Why are you doing this to us? :sob:


No thank you, steam is easy enough. No need for another window to pop up.

No … Really NO!. Put that effort in to something the game actually needs. Pick a bug, any bug and fix. Then whichever marketing looney pitched a new launcher at the dev meeting. They’re fired.

Let’s fix stuff falling through the mesh, that might be good. I’m tired of tearing down building to recover stuff that fell through the floor. Oh … Oh … And raining inside buildings … sandstorms inside buildings. Just died in a sand storm inside a rather large structure.

How is a launcher (that nobody but marketing wants) prioritized higher than game breaking bugs. Seriouosly where’s your product manager? Maybe they fell through the mesh.


It’s real simple for myself, and my buddies. If we have to install ANOTHER launcher, we will uninstall the game an never come back, no matter the dlc.
We don’t WANT THIS
Too many launchers as is. None of them necessary or helpful to players.
So yeah, do what you are going to do - but you’ll lose the 3 of us. We buy every dlc. An we were going to buy your Dune game. If there is a Funcom launcher, that will NOT happen.
Not just talking either. When we say we’ll do something, we do it. We’ve never bought anything off Epic. We haven’t given Disney money in years.
All your games need, is Steam.

If you make me use a launcher to play the game I will hands down never play the game again. I get everything I need from steam. I do not want to add a new launcher for every game I play it is beyond pointless.

If you’ll never see it anyways why is it needed? To have another program in the background so funcom marketing is happy and 95% of the players aren’t?

I know you making your efforts to convince everyone it’s not that bad and that’s fine if YOU like it but for the rest of us its simply not needed just to have 1 click less no matter which facts you trying to state.

It’s just so irritating for the playerbase that they are focusing on stuff like that when there are problems that need more recognition for months or even longer. The last few changes to the game have more voices against it then for it. What’s the point?


needed is relative. it’s not needed but it’s also not optional (at least not in teh current devlopment state, maybe after the feedback from this discussion) if you use the steam -> start game way

if you use alternative ways to start the game (desktop link, join server from steam favorites, …) you will not see the launcher.

I did not try to sell the launcher to everyone but I insist that it is a bad thing at all and yes I can only talk for myself (and not for other like some peeps did). the continue button is a shorthand for me because of the way I play (only 1 server all the time). less clicks and faster loading from steam to ingame.

and to be clear: I don’t like the fact that the launcher sits in the background all the time. the launcher should close automatically when the game starts. that’s definitive something they should add to the launcher. also some of the points multigun has listed are good additions to such a launcher.

I don’t know who was the funcom dev responsible for the launcher implementation. maybe the same person who made the dedicated server tool (waves to toolguy). if this is the case, no resource is moved from conan exiles to the launcher. he is not involved directly with conan exiles development as far as I know. funcom is not a 2 man company and not every person which works for funcom is involved in conan exiles or is a game developer at all.

Alright people, it’s sad that we need to remind you of this. But please.
Keep the feedback constructive.
Do not attack other players.
Do not engage in playground fights.
Please send your feedback AFTER trying the launcher.

Feedback coming with this mindset is moot to us at the moment. Not only on this, but on other threads or patches as well. Please try the launcher, then give your feedback. It is totally fine that you dislike it, but please give it a try first. We want constructive feedback, not just pre-conceived opinions.

Keep the thread on topic and let’s be an example of an outstanding community.


Another legitimate question: if someone were to use a direct shortcut to the .exe on their desktop, would the launcher start running?

Guys… Steam is good
Im tired of launchers

All I want is press play on Steam and it starts the game, not another bs laucher where I have to hit play again… think about your players… take away the frustration instead of causing new ones


From memory (only did one test on this and I’m not 100% sure), if you start the executable directly (including via a shortcut), the Launcher does not start.

Update: Checked it. If you start the executable directly, you bypass the Launcher entirely.

Bought the game at Xmas but only recently have had time to play.

Had you had yet another ■■■■■■■ launcher involved at the time WOULD NOT HAVE BOUGHT Period. That’s how much I dislike the universally tacky and unneeded launcher travesties I have been exposed to over the last 15 years of online gaming.

Less is more. We are moving from the “Information age” into the “Too Much Information age” this is just another symptom. Please just no, I sympathise that some body, maybe even several somebodies put their working hours into making the thing but if it ends up detracting from your customer experience the simple thing is NOT to do it despite the wasted effort of making it. Had you posted you were thinking about it and see all the comments you mighta saved some poor programmers time for stuff which will actually bring more sales…

Signed on to yet another game forum just to say that, a quick glance tells me I am not entirely alone. Please pay attention DEVS… Thanks and good luck

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