New Grid Map Suggestion

Regarding a youtube post I watched of a future new map dlc ( I have NO idea how accurate the post is and I have forgotten the Youtubers name. )
A suggestion would be to plan out an 5x5 grid. The first map could be the center one and the low level starting area, maybe max level 30 as an idea. The other 8 surrounding it could max level 60 and the outside 16 could max at 100.
If one grid square was the size of the original map, the entire area would give a huge play area.
It will increase the playability of the game, max player levels (without the requirement of some incredible mods) and if each one is released as a DLC, it would give Funcom an income providing they are not priced too expensive.

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I haven’t seen the video in question, but unless all it said was “there will be a new map, I know nothing more” then that person was likely talking out of their ■■■.

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