New here and totally frustrated

I have two Xboxes, so my wife and I can play together. We have 2 copies of Conan exiles and all the expansions, we have our own private servers (exiles and Siptah), but after the last update (June 9th) we CAN NOT play together (before we had played 100s of hours together.)

Whoever logs in first doesn’t have problem but the next person that tries, can’t connect and get disconnected the a host error. Each of the Xboxes are totally separate, no duplicate accounts or anything on either the boxes and it is whoever is connected first doesn’t matter which box.

The most frustrating thing is trying to get an answer from funcom or any kind of support even though you’ve given this company hundreds of dollars they totally ignore you.

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Welcome to Conan Exiles, where many of us wish we’d read these forums before we spent any money.


Can you two connect to the same official server?

Or is the problem only on your private server?

btw: just because you gave a company money doesn’t make them owe you an answer.

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Just less than a week ago, I was at a friend’s house with my own xbox and TV and we both were able to play on the same server with no problem. It meant packing up the xbox and TV and all the wires, etc. But was not too much trouble. It was a private server but not ours and each of us had our own character, account etc with connection to the same wifi account.

Perhaps there is something going on with your set up. Have you tried contacting GPorta? it may be something that needs adjusting in the server settings.

I’m having a similar problem, though a bit more random. At times two is can play, other times even one person trying to enter a server causes that person to get an xbox live connection message… while also messing with my modem/router and knocking the wifi out for the entire home. There’s been some messages from Funcom saying a fix is on the way for xbox connection issues on official servers, but I haven’t seen any mention of it related to private servers rented through the company they promote in game, or any discussion about fixes related to knocking people’s internet out. Funcom, as a company, just never matured.

I get what you mean, but that wouldn’t really be the primary issue here. In my case the same error knocks my wifi out and I have to reboot, but just to have it occur again and again. My NAT is open and I’ve checked the typical culprits. However, if a network has zero issues with every other of the hundreds of games I’ve played on the same device, including games such as Ark, and this game is the only game having this issue for many people… then something’s wrong on the publisher, development, or platform provider side of things.

get used to it. 3+ years and its the same. maybe go out & have a nice dinner, have a bender at the bar w/ your wife… pretty much anything is more useful than wasting ur time w/ this game.

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