New hidden achievements for Conan on Steam

I’ve just noticed there are totally new achievements for Conan on Steam . I had all 25 unlocked and today I have only 25 of 36

That’s new:


Any news what is it ?
Siptah , name of new map ? dungeon ?


One of the possible leaked new map location names is The Isle of Siptah, so I’m guessing those are the achievements for the new map.



I hope this is something to do with the new map yay :smiley:

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This is a remarkable find! Siptah is rumored to be the new map, so I imagine these new achievements are for that.


Intriguing! Most intriguing!


Quick Search of that name brings regarding Conan Lore Mentions something interesting! Magic might come with the new map as content. Some of the Achievements seem to connect to this isle. Maybe we go there for the DLC? to learn magic?


Isle of Siptah - Stygian Coast Location of the haunted Tower of the Stygian sorcerer Siptah.


I very much doubt they will add spellcasting with this map expansion but maybe in the future.
Sorcery is mentioned many times in the Exiled lands too, form history to characters that wield magic, some places stinks of sorcery too, it drives some barbarians away.

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Horses came for free with the Riders of Hyboria DLC. Fucom have already said in the past that any features that were supposed to come with EA that haven’t yet made it into the game won’t be locked behind a pay wall. Magic probably will tie into the new map as free content. But i’d imagine, extra spells may require the DLC to be bought.

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There are 3 of these achievements that have a direct link to magic. Greater essence, Sigils, and Summoning. The new map may indeed wield magic.

What about the EnterMaelstrm achievement? Does that entail players getting sucked in by some whirlpool out in the middle of the sea?

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Could be the entrance to a dungeon?

You would think the same from the witch doctor feat, but as stated by Funcom, that’s not a sorcery system, it’s an extention from the alchemy table, could be something similar this time.
Now if that’s actually a sorcery system, that would be nice, i wonder what stat would they use to deal damage or learn spells like other weapons do, this could change a lot the game as we know it. I would be playing barbarians anyway, sorcery is not for me but would be a welcome adition.

Still no “Punch a camel” Achievement? Funcom, get your act together!


This is awesome, I did had a feeling that we’ll get Sorcery in this Expansion too, there were speculations about Atlantis expansion but I guess that the Isle of Siptah makes sense, it’s geographically connected to that rumor so it wasn’t fully false :smiley:

I would think Vitality for sure, as for what other attribute fits…up in the air. But we’ll have to wait and see…it’s all just speculation at this juncture.

Who knows? What about Druids? They have magic tied to nature. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Celts (Druids) are part of Conan lore. It’s been decades since I read any of the books, so if I’m wrong, I apologize.

If I’m remembering correctly the Celts are supposed to have been descended from Cimmerians, so they wouldn’t exist yet for another few thousand years during Conan’s time. (Though of course there’s nothing to stop Funcom from inferring elements of Cimmerian culture based on that of their Celtic descendants.)

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shattered shore dlc is also a leakead name…Maybe Siptah’s Isle a dungeon in the new map ?

But what i dont understad is what to do whit the achevmens and the cards you get from it…

Sure it is, according to the priest that teaches you the set religion, he says that the bracelets sap the magic out of us he was a sorcerer but the Bracelet stops all his magic, so it is in the lore meaning it is lore friendly…

So, stygian “map” with stygian armour etc? maybe, please! Yes! :smiley:

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