New hidden achievements for Conan on Steam

So, stygian “map” with stygian armour etc? maybe, please! Yes! :smiley:

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we will probably know soon, as new world is commning, they have to do something !

That same conversation alluded to a quest that involves overcoming this limitation and being able to perform sorcery once again. If sorcery is part of the new expansion, then perhaps they will finally finish developing this hook.

These are newly added since yesterday, thank you for posting :slight_smile:

For all currently known information, see

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There’s a few things about your post that are off :
Firstly - sorcery was a planned feature before release and they’ve said on countless occasions that any huge new features/systems (especially ones that were planned for release but were either held back/initially scrapped) would be added to the base game as an update and all the fluff (i.e. weapon/armor skins, horse armor styles, etc) would be in the dlc’s.
Secondly - magic and sorcery is very lore friendly and in most Conan stories you can’t swing a dead cat without coming across some evil sorceror, demons, or what-have-you. Granted, it’s all pretty much in the vein of something you’d hear on Ancient Aliens.

Like Arthur C. Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistiguishable from magic.”


I don’t think that’s true. Do you have a reliable source that is not one of those forum members who want to throw fireballs?

To the lore aspect… I’ll stick to my point. It’s low fantasy really. So an evil sorcerer: yes, but magic as part of every characters abilities: a big nope.


See Cancelled features.

I think I will have a middle ground.
There will be spells and, unlike the player, there will be sorcerers.

The player will be able to learn simple spells. This happened to revive the dead … and there may be more.

Horses were impossible and swore they would never exist, and today I have 3. (cloth foot), (pure bone) and (Jackal khan)

There’s tons of released stuff in the Early Access devlogs and plenty of situations where on old streams or at events like Gamescom where Joel would talk about sorcery. For the longest period of time the main thing that was holding back the development of the system was that Funcom couldn’t find a dedicated fx artist to do their vision justice and with something like this they didn’t want to half-■■■ it. Which later turned into more of a feature that would require way too much in the way of resources they had at the time to properly implement as they wanted, hence it being postponed indefinitely. Operative term there being ‘indefinite’ as they know it’s always being asked about but they don’t talk about anything anymore unless they have something to show for it (which is a very reasonable position).

It was never going to be throwing fireballs and I doubt it would have even resembled anything like the mage vocations in Age of Conan - barring some of the stuff that the Herald of Xotli utilized.


I already earned it… its how I ended up in exile lands…


agreed! this is a must for achievements

I just think adding and unlocking achievements that nobody can actually achieve is counter productive.
Achievements are meant to inspire players to unlock them, therefore giving them incentive and motivation.
Achievements that cannot (yet) be achieved is demotivating.

Like hanging a carrot on a stick in front of the donkey, but the donkey knows he cannot reach it … this donkey will not take one single step…

Oh boo fing hoo, just ignore and play the game and wait for whatever those go for to come out.

The whine is strong in this one

If you don’t want to be spoiled or feel spoiled, never look at hidden/datamined data :stuck_out_tongue:

And if these new achievements are tied to the new map then anyway all the people who won’t pay won’t have access to them. Like in any other game with expansions :smiley_cat:

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@kivkotare there are those of us that “need” to finish things. There is almost nothing worse than missing that one last piece of a puzzle. You don’t feel like you have accomplished anything unless you have 100% completed a project.

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I think only some cosmetic ones, or maybe additional animations for free spells (more flames, more sparkles and smoke :wink:). Not a single DLC gave any real advantages in PVP. We have lots of building styles for example but all of them are the same T3.

@The_gamer00600 cant finish whats not out yet. So its not counterproductive, its preparation for whats to come.

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When building your tower and you can’t place another foundation piece, use a ceiling piece at the side, then carry on with foundations, rinse and repeat. I had my tower above the Scorpion Queen Lair. I too cannot get ToE trophy, offline player.

You end above the clouds.

I got it by climbing the top of the volcano, it was kinda diffiicult because it’s all glitchy and there is lava everywhere, but it can be done.

There was also an exploit regarding spears and weapon displays that could help you get higher heights, but i don’t know if it’s still working