New hotfix not fixing the big problem

I don’t see anything about the server disconnects many people are dealing with. When is that going to be fixed? We can’t fight 3 skulls without it booting us. Thralls become useless during a sandstorm. There are more pressing issues than whether or not your thrall’s hair is appearing.


Logging in for my usual daily challenge log stuff, said Conan needed update. Hopefully we get some fixes! Bet you they prioritized the Magi skull bug first rather than the real problems lol.

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LMAO. Ofc they didnt fix the real issue lmao


Ok magi skull bug is still there. Also Thrall pots and Feed boxes still not feeding thralls and pets, or at least still not showing names of your thralls/pets when clicked on

Hmmm, enemy AI seems to be less scuffed, they dont un-aggro if you just take a few steps away, and they arent running into random walls trying to get to you…

I wish i could sit here and sort out what they may have fixed but i gotta go to work, hopefully the new dungeon is what they fixed

Its laughable how broke the game is at times… honestly im hoping for server wipes on pvp for the next age. The amount of duped items in game atm are ridiculous.


Welcome to the Forum. You think it’s part of 1.9 I have downloading right now?

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Basic Info:

Platform: Epic Games Store
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Custom (please specify)
Server Name: 1977

Bug Description:

All skulls are now sorcerer skulls

Bug Reproduction:

Place any skull on the ground and you will have a sorcerer skull, just collect it again in your inventory.

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Fixed an issue that would make it not possible to buy items from vendors in dedicated servers”.

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The disconnect issue is still there. Actively checking.

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“Implemented a number of fixes and improvements to the backend system which should result in a more robust experience when acquiring and spending Crom Coins.”



I was on maybe a hour little camp Siptah 2 NPC,S disconnected while applying truncheon tenderly to applicant’s

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Oh boy, new Dune teaser just dropped, i completely forgot Funcom is making a new survival game, makes sense now, they’ve probably got most of development prioritizing Dune and just a skeleton crew play testing Conan stuff and fixing bugs.

Every other thing is invisibile or half rendered on sp and mp for almost a year, not a chirp about fixing it. I’ll check back in six months lol

As far as I remember, slaves, pets, enemies, so basically the complete “AI” always froze when there is/was a sandstorm.

I just got mine updated and now I’m getting an “unable to login” error. Anyone else?

There is another thread somewhere on here of people experiencing that.

As I said in reply to someone else complaining about bugs - their priority is fixing anything that could impact their crappy revenue gimick. Game development was much better when they did DLCs.

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