New ide for conan

little ideas.

Please make people can’t have same name in same server because people can fake Account and destroy other player reputation
Or use for fake raid other player to make them thinke it was that clan have raid them

Make thrall agro more when you use jars or exp arrow when you have break everything and get inside the base. Thrall will hunt you but. If you go out and be far from base and wait like 5m and go back they stay and don’t do anything just make thrall rly y hardcore agro
I can raid a base thrall start figth but I can like run out wait 4-6 m and come back they don’t figth

bubble price is expensive. maybe make it 250
and fix jhabb sag that shoots through the bubble

bubble should be a means they protect you from everything should not been wipe by any gods. bubble should protect you even if they use 100 gods. because you farm to death for 36h

I would have liked if you make 2-3 server of all pvp empty to this system

which is exactly now no god but can have bubble it becomes more chill so we can have abit free time in real life to and do other things in life .
I have. Been playing the game close to 7000hours rly hardcore. I can’t keep longer so hardcore. And there is a lot of player are in same position as me and we don’t want find other game we rly love conan but need one more. Server setting for abit chiller pvp and stil can raid bases.
Don’t tell me go play conflic it not fun this setting world be rly cool even if they give us 1 x server I’m
Happy with

set altar. sneak idol no longer gives zeal no good :frowning: now you have to farm just human. it’s not so fun. there should be more chose

What do you thinke ppl? If you like the ideas pls support it

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Great suggestions i strongly agree with you, there are really game breaking bugs like jhebbal sag, and new servers with Gods disabled permanently is really needed, Cheers.

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I fully agree on all statements mentioned above. The Motivation will decrease if main time spent in Conan is used just for ensuring the bubble upkeeping. Especially for smaller clans the game enthusiasm will turn into frustration.

Instead of moving forward, building and pvp-ing the game mechanics focus only on lot of time used on farming npcs.

What a pitty. Such a game having so much potential to reduce it to boring monote activity …

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