New Khemi Docks -- Siptah

Game mode: ALL
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: ALL
Region: ALL
Mods?: NO
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

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New Khemi Docks is missing ALOT of props there’s a whole bunch of missing cages a missing camp fire etc the collision boxes are still there but the objects are not meaning you can get trapped rubber banding if you try to walk through the invisible things.

The area of modified terrain here is where the cages used to be.

This whole area needs checked because you can get stuck rubber banding back and forth if you accidentally walk through an invisible thing.

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Pop over to New Khemi Docks on single player
TeleportPlayer 45484.003906 240615.59375 -20343.142578
Walk around till you get bugged/trapped

Its this whole area its like the server has things there but the client does not…

I reported this a few days ago:

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