New Launcher where you cannot see the start button

**Game mode:**online private
**Type of issue:**breaking
Server type: PvE
**Region:**North America

There is a KNOWN problem with the new launcher that prevents people from using Conan Exiles.

Our server has run for I want to say 18 months. Before the API to tell us about traffic was broken we had an average concurrency of 20 and a few hundred unique visitors per week.

We rarely look at the game for hours anymore. The rental is paid to offer a service and build a community of people that help each other and polite and respectful at NO CHARGE to the users.

HOWEVER, people still cannot log into the server due to changes that FUNCOM made to a launcher that in reality is just another button to click, adds nothing to the game except an opportunity for Funcom to advertise other products outside of steam.
SO the bottom line is funcom can either delete the new launch screen which adds NOTHING to the game, or the powers that be can think its an opportunity to make more money.

The truth is there were 3 or 4 people on our server on average over the weekend, and we are trying to give customer support for in our own discord, for free… pretty please either fix the loading screen or get rid of it, its been at least 2 weeks.


Sorry, that does not work at all on my PC. My only work around is turning on big picture mode which is very clunky and not practical for people who aren’t PC savvy. Which by the way, if your fix actually worked, people would have to figure it out… How about this? FIX YOUR GAME!

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Thank you Skua! Your post is definitely more tactful than mine that earned me a 14 day ban when they first broke their own game!

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If starting the client from the local .exe doesn’t work on your PC then your problem doesn’t seem to be related to the launcher. Launching the client from there bypasses the launcher and starts the game directly.


OK, so there is a ConanSandbox.exe in the above folder which is the one that did not work for me. I can launch the game from the second ConanSandbox.exe in the Win64 folder.

So, are you currently contacting EVERY person who has purchased Conan for the PC and teaching them how to get in the game? If not you need to either start doing that or rescale your loader window SO EVERYONE CAN SEE THE LAUNCH BUTTON!!!

This really shouldn’t be this difficult…


It takes basic PC skills to launch an application from the executable file instead of a launcher.
I’m still wondering why is this post in Updates and Bugs.

It’s not an issue with everybody, it’s just the people who have rescaled their desktop’s to 200%+ on the UI scaling. And people like Narelle are just trying to help with helping to offer a work around, CHILL.

Finally, they are working on fixing it. Once again, as players, we are just trying to offer you a couple of work arounds until then. Don’t bite the hand that reaches out to help next time.


Running the .exe isn’t difficult, finding the correct .exe file that’s 7 folders deep is a little tricky. Especially when there are othere .exe files with the same name.

Their update was severely bugged and many cannot play the game, sounds like this post is right where it should be to me…

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Glad you found your way to the .exe file. :wink:

I just wish everyone else could play the game so I can go back to playing with 20 people at a time on our server instead of 3…

It’s been over two weeks since Funcom broke their own game, I would have thought this would be more important than getting 2.4 in testlive!

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I agree this stomp your foot 4 times then clap your hands three times then spin around in your chair 6 times or whatever other crazy things people have to do as a workaround with this new launcher so that they can log on is beyond ridiculous. This is not the only thread asking for help or discussing this problem. I have been providing three servers for slightly over two years to the members of the Conan Exiles community and suddenly many people are having trouble after this launcher came out. Please fix this problem and stop trying to place the blame on the users.


Apparently, no one from Funcom cares enough to even acknowledge and comment that there is a problem and they are working on it!?!

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So there is my view with scaling set to 100% on my 55" TV, can you read anything?? Ya me neither, but I guess Funcom’s greed outweighs their players need to decifer words on the screen!

Because they already have on one of the many duplicate threads just like this one. As I said, they are aware and working on it.


Must be pretty low on the priority list if they can put 2.4 in testlive before adding a dang scrollbar to loader window! Seriously, this is just laziness or lack of caring that 75% of their own players cannot play game!!

And honestly, I’m tired of people trying to defend Funcom’s absolute failure. Over 2 weeks to figure out how to add a scroll bar to a window is an utter embarrassment!


Ya, the real data doesn’t suggest that at all. And there are two EXTREMELY EASY work arounds that have been provided. I get you are frustrated, but it’s really not the end of the world to create a shortcut exe, or set your windows resolution temporarily to not be above 150%. This will be my last response on the matter.


Show me the real data then! I’d love to see gportal’s user data for say the past 2 months! But since you aren’t an actual developer, I doubt you can even see that data, let alone share it. Most players aren’t going to search hard enough to find your dumb workarounds, they will just move on… It’s not like the game was a well oiled machine anyway!

That’s right. None of us can, so is there any reason why you’re pulling bogus statistics out of your colon and going full-Karen on people who were trying to help you?

Some will take the help they were offered by other players and play the game. Others? Well, I hope the door doesn’t smack them on their way out.