New Levels in game?


When the new story drops will we get more levels? Like 50-55 or 50-60?


Could be possible but they have not mentioned any information as of yet whether we will or not.


I don’t really see a need for new levels…

That said, it would be interesting if it did happen.


It probably would break a lot of things. Since a lot of stray mobs, dungeon mobs etc would have to get changed and tokyo would turn upside down suddendly.
You would run in the risk of not aggroing mobs in kaidan anymore which could lead to troubles down the line that probably need multiple fixes just to still miss some.
So while possible I think it would do more damage than good. I mean what would we get out of higher levels. Most stats are in passives and gear.

At least that is my point of view.


I highly doubt it. It’s not like you are first expected to hit lvl 50 when you hit Tokyo, you need that much earlier in Transylvania, so thats two entire zones where you are 50/close to. Endgame content is also locked behind level 50.
I think the purpose of the lvl 1-50 was two fold. Make it more familiar to new people who come from other mmos. Create a base build so you can’t completely screw yourself over, which was very easy to do back in tsw.

So yeah i would be very surprised and puzzled if they decided to add more levels.


The “levels” in-game are entirely symbolic and don’t really have any purpose other than to hand-hold new people who can’t wrap their heads around a level-less system. Just like the “classes” when you create your character. Classes are entirely non-existent. Just more hand holding for less… observant people.

There’s no reason to mess with them, unless they were to just be removed entirely which I support.


There’s no way to “remove” them - the closest was in TSW, which hid all of the “levels” very sloppily behind mixtures of the Ability Wheel and - most importantly - the talismans and weapons.

The Item Power stat in SWL serves about the same purpose as it did in TSW.


It is already troublesome while a lot of missions in Kingsmouth ask you to lure zombies by aggroing them to targets. I’ve always been against that non-aggro thing which a bunch of people consider legit comfort from other games they played. Have they considered it breaks missions ?


The non-aggro from low-level mobs does not really break any of the missions in Kingsmouth that I am aware of.
Zombies come in groups, and hitting one of them will aggro the rest of the group even if you outlevel them by a lot.


Except if you oneshot them no matter what


I want to body aggro mobs anywhere. It’s not much to ask.


Your entire reply is wrong, and that’s pretty amazing.

TSW had no levels. Nothing of the sort. Not even a little bit. To make that stretch is impressive.

Item Power didn’t exist in TSW for 3 years, and even in the last couple years where it did, it wasn’t “Item Power” per se and it is not calculated nearly the same as it is in SWL. It served a somewhat different purpose there.


TSW had 50 levels as well, it was just less obvious. (and then they made it 55 at some point, I think with issue 12?)

10 for your head talisman
10 for your major talismans
10 for your minor talismans
10 for your left weapon
10 for your right weapon

Your actual displayed character level (used to determine if missions were easy, normal, hard, devastating, and the gear you were allowed to equip) was in the range 1 to 10, and based on these 5 traits.

They added the same stats as levels do here - attack, defense, hp. You just got to pick priorities instead of following a predetermined 50 level path.


One shotting one member of a mob of five still leaves you an aggressive four to lead around.


I mean, you can argue against me, but you can’t exactly argue against the devs who already went on record about it.

QL for gear had been a factor in TSW since vanilla and the item power stat that was later introduced was a composite based on things that were already there behind the scenes. It was a sloppy rendition they carted out for the revamped player experience that only served as a guideline for how strong you technically were.

So, yes, you’re right in saying that it served a different function, but wrong in implying it was completely incongruous to what we have now. Onevia already has the right of it, so I don’t really need to go on with the specifics.

But my point remains: no game is without some kind of progression system. It’s completely antithetical to gaming and there has to be SOME backbone determining what things are “better” later on.


I never said there wasn’t and that was not the point you were arguing or at least if you were, you were doing a very poor job of it.


I would prefer for mobs to keep aggroing whatever the level. That said in the current meta (non aggroing mobs), beside the missions in KM that are already impacted by that, i can’t remember omissiosn in KF for example where ppl need to aggro mobs.
The other way around, unless the increase of level really add someting new to the game, like new skills or something, which actually they could introduce without changing level cap, i am not sure it would serve any purpose.

I can’t say i wouldnt like new OP skills you can only unlock once you completed the whole current active passive trees :blush:


Technically aux weapons could come back as fully fleshed weapons with their own 15 skills including elites.
That’s 5 more weapons in the game and even more options for decks.
Chainsaw + Blood already looks dope.


now you’ve ruined it!

They’re waiting until all people who remember forget or stop playing. Then it may be introduced as new content.

Because of you we have to wait another year!