New map and free week end on old map?

Seem very weird for me to have a free week end play of 4 days on old conan, knowing you releasing a new map (where all progress of actual character and map will be lost if i understand well) just in 5 days…

was really hoping to have a add on map not a separate new map, but anyways good to have new map, jsut don’t understand the concept of the week end free play on old map (knowing the time of grint/farming needed to do any advance on conan). would have prefered to have a free period on the new map to test.

The new map is going into prerelease on sep 15. That is the testing period. It is a beta period. There will be a ton of bugs (more so than on release day). Sep 15 release is not full release.

they announced a free week end from today to sunday, so before the new map release and not on the new map

…because the new map is not going to be officially released until 2021 and whats being put out is a beta test of the new map.

Oh I get it now. You are after a free time on the new map without having to buy it first gotcha. I misunderstood your original paragraph.

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