New map and mounts?

First of all sorry for my low level of English. I gonna use google translate xD

To the topic … It would be interesting to add a new biome and mounts, the actulization of the obelisks was a great advance not to be 30 minutes running around the map, but if they activate the mounts, it would be very interesting and thus be able to expand new biomes without problems, the current ones become small.

Unfortunately, we are not likely to get either. Both are often requested, but the game engine cannot handle them.

The map is already as big as it can get without breaking the game physics. Similarly, any mount that travels faster than a running player will fall through the ground, as the game engine cannot load the ground fast enough. Slower mounts wouldn’t be useful, and they would probably look stupid too.


Mounts were indefinitely canceled. The way the game is built, adding mounts breaks a ton of stuff.

Closest to a new map is probably what is coming up. That being an underwater area.


We really need the pinned not in the plans list :slight_smile:


as it is possible that there are games like the dark and light that have a similar map with mounts until flying and this game has an engine that does not have eggs to do it being this newer

they have made it pretty clear that they will not be adding mounts or expanding the map or adding another Biome, any additional dungeons will be added to the existing map.

Well, technically if they add a big underwater area to explore, that is a new biome.

They wouldn’t be expanding the map.

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They can’t expand the current map much more than where it’s at now. This is an engine limitation, so nothing can be done about it. But there might be a way to work around it to get new areas if they do something similar to Ark. (Assuming I correctly understand how Ark does it.) Unfortunately it would mean you basically have to abandon the current Exiled Lands entirely at some point in order to move on to a new area. You’d basically just be starting over in a new place.

As for mounts, again there are engine limitation problems. The way CE is built, the engine simply can’t keep up with anything moving quickly over the land. There’s also some issue with how the UI is designed for controlling the character that would have to be addressed before mounts could be a thing, which can be done but would take a lot of work. With the aforementioned engine limitations though, even if we got mounts they’d probably be slow moving.

If I could ride a panther or a tiger sprinting in their speed and stamina, Im in! \o/

LOL, well yea, good point, I’m excited to see where it is and how much area will there be to explore.

FunCom have stated several times that Mounts and expanding the current three-region map is not going to happen. The game engine will not allow either. Forget this.

There are blank areas here and there. These are where dungeons and added content are slotted in. The extra content, such as the pending aqua-one are adventures, not new regions as such, but are kinda like that.

For interest, FunCom adds added stuff here and there in existing areas. You are encouraged to explore the vast existing areas to find them. For example, have you yet found all the bodies frozen in ice? Or the gold-filled chests all over the maps, especially on the highest points.

For the PvPsters, many new hidden base build areas do get updated and created. Originally many of these were mistakes and therefore glitched, but they have been updated and enhanced. Go look for them.

really the game needs mounts to move around the map, what to use the map to teleport is effective but not right to play

The game doesn’t really need mounts. It can’t handle it, and because of this, players have found shortcuts and mapped out faster ways to get from Point A to Point B. The map may be “big” but it really doesn’t take that long to get across the world without a speed boost.

I spent hours running around the map without a mount.

In all honestly, it feels like those who continually come in and ask for mounts are the type of players who don’t have any sort of patience, or it’s simple laziness in wanting a way to speed across the map.

It isn’t necessary in any sense of the word. There is a large difference between necessity and luxury.

Mounts would be considered a luxury.

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Some seem to go with what they have learned, but are not yet in a place to learn to question and develop what they’ve learned. :thinking:

It’s a pity really though. Bit sad too. The mount situation, that is.

Information on map expansion and mounts may be found here:

@Mck, what is your native language? Try using to translate anything.

that is, have they based the game on the engine that does not comply with what was promised? OLE FOR FUNCOM

Quite often nowadays I sense people promise things only to end up with tools that won’t allow those promises to be catered.

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