New map= greatest gift

I want to say that I’m so happy we have a new playground. I don’t even care about bugs anymore. Yesterday i was peacefully farming plant fiber and a mountain lion jumped on me.

Not only had I never seen one before, but also I really had no idea there would be a creature spawning at that spot. The effect of surprise and the ensuing fight just made it worth the my evening :slight_smile:
Also: the map looks pretty once again.

So, thanks a lot for the new content!


I like what I’ve seen so far. This seems as good a spot as any to share the story of my first death on Siptah for those of you that might get a chuckle out of it.

I was exploring and gathering for the first time in Siptah yesterday when I saw a wild buck. I took one good shoot with my Hunting Bow and of course it bolted away mostly uninjured (gotta love RPG mechanics). As it ran away I noticed two undead standing guard at some sort of doorway ahead, and forgetting the reminder I just had about how bad my equipment is, I tried to tackle them with a stone club and cloth armor.

I barely managed to defeat the two skeletons with a sliver of HP left, when the buck I shot earlier bolted past me again from behind… I turned just in time to see an undead hyena hot on its tail… which then turned to take a chomp out of me and finish me off. I couldn’t help but laugh. Instant karma for wildlife harassment?

It occurred to me how far this game has come since I first started playing it, where it never would have been possible for fleeing game to pull an enemy back to you. Good stuff!


Nice story!
That just made be realize that so many players are clinging to their lvl 60 for ages now and will have a big surprise in their first fight.


Mrs, Mrs Jones died with in 4 minutes on the beach from a wolf.
Within 6 hours of play we kilt the corrupt croc, wolf, and the found the 3 skull croc we ran like girls from.

We have everything we need with in a mile of our camp.


Nice. All I’ve seen so far where preys, or monstrous undead things that you want to run from. I’m really curious about the other side of the island


Omg that is some karma death right there.

By the way, I don’t know if this means anything but try to aim for the head of the deers when using a bow. I’ve found myself having some good luck downing them with a single shot arrow using only a light hyrkanian bow and iron arrows, enough that they’re currently my main source of hides.

Still only lvl59 in Exiles Lands, but trying Siptah in solo coop with the new healing paradigm has made me really start better gauging the risk and rewards of fights. For example I quickly realized that the prevalence of dogs in the beach are is specifically an incentive to forces players not to linger into that area and move further in the boar/storks/deers areas where it’s incicently much safer.

This is kind of reverse Exiles Lands where the starts was the safest but then you had stuff like the hyena valleys where you couldn’t venture until you had a clear minimum of gear/etc.

And that’s just what makes it very exciting!!

Lol, I’m guessing the cats haven’t found you yet :slight_smile: be careful my friend, they are sneaky b*starts!

Loving the anecdotes :slight_smile:

Am watching with great interest how al Siptah is treating PvP players - so much more to be attacked by whilst raiding, or being raided (and many pack a serious punch)

I do wish that the bigger the base-build, the more likely eldritch lightning-bolts would strike the base causing some damage? (or maybe that’s built in already?) Perhaps massive builds will attract more Scourge action or Avatars wandering on by to see who the competition is.

I still wish that the deities would have an alternate avatar that was not the Summoned one. It would be like a 5-skull boss that wandered about areas occasionally before de-spawning. Maybe also attracted by Huge bases, giant clans and max levels (but that’s not really in the Conan Lore is it…?) :wink:

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Like some undead king, slowly riding his undead horse through the land… eventually summoning a horde of undead to rise from the ground and attack you if you’re small game. Only getting off the horse when he’s really pissed off…

Yeah not so lore friendly but really cool concept!!!

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I think one of the thing about Siptah’s structure that I find interesting is how it also kind of almost subtly de-emphasized PVP as a territorial war and instead push it as more of an open conflict over fleeting ressources?

As in, it’s not like Exiles Lands where it seems territory alone is the main drive leading to the massive amount of offline raiding that seem to happen in survival games usually.

It’s that with the surges + maelstrom, it’s an “event” producing a fleeting resource for which… either you’re there, or you’re not. And if you’re not, you don’t get the resource. And if you’re there, you’re open to be raided by anyone else that’s not your ally. There’s no “offline raiding” the maelstrom after all.

Also I was reading your comment here, “I do wish that the bigger the base-build, the more likely eldritch lightning-bolts would strike the base causing some damage? (or maybe that’s built in already?) Perhaps massive builds will attract more Scourge action or Avatars wandering on by to see who the competition is.”

And I was actually reading the settings pertaining to the Maelstrom and it might support -something- akin to what you’re wishing there. There’s actually a setting to allow building in the Maelstrom… but also for the Maelstrom to apparently summon “siege beasts” that can be notable enough to get their own map marker if the server setting for it is turned on. Also notable is that ANOTHER setting involving siege beasts pertain to the “minimum building size” that seems to be required for them to decide to target a structure?

There’s even a setting for the maelstrom itself to potentially damage structures but then again that ALSO come with it’s own “minimum building size requirement” for a structure to be considered elligible to receive that damage?

It was really interesting to read through then preparing my single-player playtest and I could see such becoming the focus of “PVE Siptah” servers.


It’s even better. I would occasionally start a new character in Exiled Lands, just to have fun with leveling up to 60 again, seeing what changed, seeing what I can optimize further, etc. Thing is, there wasn’t much challenge in it anymore.

I’m having loads of fun doing it on the Isle of Siptah, because both the map and the new game mechanics changes make it more challenging and interesting.

Really, really can’t wait to be done with my work for today, so I can hop back in and keep exploring.


I’m loving it too.

As a PVE-C player, I think this is awesome! In Exiled Lands, PVE-C has nothing to drive conflict, so fighting mostly happens in pre-arranged bouts in player-built arenas. When someone attacks someone else unprovoked, people tend to react badly in chat.

And it’s understandable – there’s no real in-game motivation for conflict there, other then “I can, so I should”. All the resources are plentiful and it’s easier to get them through farming and grinding, than by fighting other players. In the end, someone who attacks you unprovoked ends up looking like a jerk or even a borderline psychopath, even if though there’s nothing really wrong with it.

So yeah, a new mechanic to drive conflict? Freaking awesome! :metal:

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