New map thoughts if I am having to pay for it then

At my point of view, u do not have to pay for the dlc… If u r not into it, just do not buy the dlc… stay at the wolrd u r in now… keep ur things , and keep ur builds and continue thriving in the world u r in now… Byuing ANY dlc is not obligatory(and pvp players may complain way more than pve ones in this matter-as dlcs affect more pvp than pve…) So do not buy it… Wait to see what it is about and then decide whether u will give ur money or not… What am i more concerned about is whether new dlcs that will come AFTER the map will affect both maps only only one… if new dungeons will be added in new map only or in both… if some false mechanics/bugs that game has will be corrected or will be left as it is after new map . So we wait. And when we see we decide … U do not pay em to do what u want… They act as they decide , and u choose if the new course worths congratulating them with ur money or not… that is how the thingie with added paid dlcs work

Thanks for that input. I am more informed now.

You dont have to play on the new map. Just hang around in your old base on the current map and use your spare time to complain on the forums since there is nothing else to do on the current map.

And like that’s not going to happen on the new map huh after less than a month.

They’ve clarified that the “New” map is dubbed an expansion. Only one game I ever played forced people to redo everything for an expansion, and that game is like 17 years old. I’m expecting it will look like an expansion, you know, expanding on already existing things. Historically, the map was one biome, and then there were map “expansions”, which added to the map, so that has been shown to be the map expansion model already.

If in the end it is a forced reroll, thanks, but no thanks.

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