New Map, when does it come out.?

So when the heck is this coming ? Anyone read any leaks. From what I hear it’s to be called isle of Sipta I think. And perhaps more island related land masses . But when I wonder. If it gets any later I guess I’ll be putting all my money towards PS5 and won’t get to play.

Yeah would be nice to get some more info, but tbh it’s not their responsibility if you choose to spend your money on something else

2nd half 2020 is what they said, so before new year. I hope they take their time and make it really solid and fun and not rush it.


Would u rather have a map that is full of bugs and glitches or do you rather get a solid map? Let’s hope time will be the recept to make it good. If it’s gonna have the same problems as the current map, people will get dissapointed.

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No earlier than December.

Unless they have been working on it since early 2019, then there’s no way during a vacation riddled summer and pandemic they push out a new map that is going to be a paid expansion in under a year.

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We don’t know hardly anything because after the December '19 speech about improving their communication, we don’t hear anything. We get patch notes (but no warning or alerts or even plans for game changes) and the occasional building contest, but its been virtually silent about any plans, details, or what to expect in the future.

TL;DR – They don’t talk to us like they used to, and when they used to, it wasn’t very consistent either.


Not sure why people want this map expansion as early as possible - you will have to wait at least half a year anyway before it’s really playable without serious game breaking bugs, like all the other things they added before.
So rather wait a few months more and have at least functioning content that does not completely break for months and just generates anger.

They could release it next year, or the year after…people are still gonna find the holes in the map to glitch into.

Im betting just before christmas to boost sales of the game over the holidays.

Haha… your dreaming pal.

Exactly… A game that runs well means more to me than new broken content.

Yep, early December is my guess too, for precisely this reason. That’s when people spend money, and that’s when people have time to play. It’s a good marketing strategy.

It’s also fine by me. I have so, so many other things to do (and other games to play) that I haven’t had any time to touch Conan Exiles for over a month, and probably won’t for another.month or two. But once the new map thing drops, I’ll make some time for exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new lifeforms and new civilizations, and burning them to ashes.

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Realistically: when it’s done

But I heard rumors about next month

Release a new map to broken game… No thanks. Fix it, then expand it.

Legal, mais um novo mapa para fazerem bugs e exploits, incrível como não conseguem colocar obelisco e enxofre como área que não pode construir, já que denunciar não adianta de nada, e por isso que esse jogo tem péssimas avaliações

Apologies if you’re being funny but they did put on test live a system that detects and help prevent undermesh, dupes, and other cheating but it’s not ready but on test live the are asking people to do that so they can get better and more accurate results to improve functionality if you have test live try and see what happens

Ps they are asking us to cheat how often does that happen :joy::laughing::joy::laughing::joy::laughing::joy::laughing::joy::love_you_gesture::smiley::love_you_gesture::smiley::woman_singer:t2::us::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I do wonder if it’ll be paid DLC.

It is pretty much confirmed at this point that it will be a paid DLC. No need to wonder.

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It is a trap!!! All the cheaters will go on testlive, do their exploit and give away they are the ones who are doing it on officials!!!

It is already been stated it will be a paid DLC.

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