New Medium Armor Type

I’ve seen Reptilian Armor in the game and Hyena armor so I wanted to recommend a personal choice. I notice you can harvest Bat Hide so I recommend Bat Armor, a medium armor with a possible glide ability or special jump ability. And then I can dye it black and call myself Batman!


Could always make an appropriate armor for all the differing hides… Admittedly, I do know that some require, lets say rhino hide, to make already… But a set of armor made in the likeness of what one has killed and skinned, in whatever armor class that’d fit it? Would be kind of cool in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue: perhaps even an armor set based around the likeness of a couple different animals in the world… Sabretooth, Rhino, Panther, so on and so forth :stuck_out_tongue:
Likely a lot of work, but… Good thing it’s just a suggestion then, not a demand ;D

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