New monsters => new purges/surges?

With the addition of so many new pets like deformed bear and iron hound construct, monsters such as golems, zombies and demonic craetures, npcs like sorcerers, the new witch-hunters faction, when can we expect some new purges?

I’d like to note that the elite purges where we get a swarm of npcs feel really good, so I’m thinking a purge with the new enemies would really add so much to the game.

With the addition of so many new features, I feel like some of the old features that made the game stand out are forgotten and outdated. We need a revamped purge system, something more challenging (optional like on Siptah), to test our mighty fortresses.

Personally, i’d like 1000 NPC against my base, to watch my followers in an endless slaughter, but that’s just me.

Maybe if eldarium would be an exclusive purge drop, it will get ppl more motivated to build stronger bases and better thralls.

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