New Named Armorer in Sinner's Refuge?

He was standing at the statue that normally you will see the Chosen of Asuras, my thrall killed him before I could stop him but he had a yellow bar and is a named armorer, seems he is new since the patch maybe or I have not seen him before and I farm it often so kind of wondering where he came from. His name is Zavek

Anyone one else seen him??

He’s not new. He’s an exile armourer that usually spawns in various camps along the river. I’ve never personally seen him in sinners refuge before though.


thank you very much @warchild1x duh I forgot to check the wiki!

It’s one of the 2 named armourers who can craft flawless Cimmerian armour. The other is Werk I think.


Do you know that after the last patch you can kill unconscious Thralls with ease? Just chop-chop them with your ordinary weapon. I always give my Thrall a truncheon in such places and kill low-level Thralls afterwards. I’ve used poison gas before but now it’s way more convenient.


I’ve always chopped up the unconscious thralls with my sword or axe. This isn’t anything new.

IDK but some time ago it took much more effort to kill them with a sword. Alren Storm said that Funcom changed attack animation so now it’s way easier.

It does seem to be easier to chop them then it used to be honest, seems that your sword or axe hits them more now.

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Well if it is easier, they all the better. I know in the past, to make it easier I would wait to kill them until after I left local and they went rigid. Then I could use them as a curb to prevent attack animations from going past them. Maybe I won’t need to do that anymore.

Easiest way to kill unwanted, KO’d thralls is a spear light attack. I have started carrying a trash spear with me for just that. Saves durability on my main weapon too.

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