New news to me and my friends

So I just got a copy for the ps4 used from gamestop for the “7 day return policy”. Glad I did. Got it before work and have not even played it. Returning it before I go home because of the censorship issues. Really guys?! Listen, I understand. Nudity is not the selling point of the game, there are MANY free websites for ■■■■. That’s not the reason why I am returning it. I am returning it because rather then grow a pair and stand up to misguided censorship boards, you (ironically) got your dongs chopped off to sell your horribly violent amd obscene game to 5 year old little timmy because mommy does not care about violence, just nudity. Until the company makes some changes, me and my four friends will not be getting the game. My friends and I would have gotten the game new to fund your company, but now you just lost yourself 5 sales because you let yourselves get emasculated.
Best of luck, because im telling everyone to not support your game. Hope you guys can turn things around and become a respectable company with a backbone.

Dr. Jordan Peterson applauds your efforts to freely look at dicks. Dude, the ESRB is a powerful lobby group. The President of the United States wants to censor video games now. Be happy you got violence. Name one other PS4 game with dick physics that is available for sale at Gamestops in continental North America.

Eh… They ‘had’ to censor it to release it on consoles at all. Sony and Microsoft do not allow AO rated games on their consoles (At least in the US, I think they do allow it in some countries, but I’m not entirely sure). So it was either censor it to get a lower rating or not release it on consoles at all.

If you want uncensored games, get a PC.

I hate censorship in any form, but it’s just something they had to do in this case.
Blame Sony, Microsoft and the ESRB.


Its not Sony, Microsoft or funcom.
They are all fine with adults seeing yinyangs.

Its the american game retailers that believe it will irreversibly corrupt the U.S.

They have taken it upon themselves to save you.

Here in Australia, a place where most games get censored for drug use or reward ■■■, Sony and Microsoft release games that are rated R. The equivalent of AO in the U.S.

But regardless, this is one of the reasons I play on PC. I’m not console bashing but there is usually a way to fix innappropriate censorship.

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Well they’re the ones directly responsible for this censorship. It’s like a chain.

Funcom censored their game because MS and Sony don’t allow AO-rated games on their consoles in some countries.
Microsoft and Sony don’t allow those games because they won’t be able to reliably sell them.
Retailers won’t carry them because it might offend customers.
Customers are appalled by genitals because of religion.

That’s definitely over simplifying things, of course. I don’t know all the intricate details. I’d still blame Sony and Microsoft. It’s the large corporations that have the power to change things. Their advertisements should contain subliminal messages saying genitals aren’t evil.

And I think ESRB is partly to blame because from what I can tell, games shouldn’t be rated AO based on the level of nudity. I believe it would be mis-rated.

I think this explains it relatively well. Probably better than I can.

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I pretty much agree with every thing you just said.
The problem is that massive gaming corporations and publishers and ratings boards all bend over to not offend a tiny minority of people offended by such harmless things as a ding dong or a woohoo.
These people are often given greater voice by unprincipaled media types who see an easy headline in “games corrupting our youth” which leads to the companies being conservative rather than be swept up in someone else’s shame.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen anyone decapitated by a doodle…

Maybe enslaved by a front bum.

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Yep. Pretty much!

Not yet, but I look forward to it.

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