New opportunities

It would be great if you could set a pin code on chests and doors.
I propose to introduce the possibility of riding all large animals.
I propose to introduce a paraglider for flying into the game.
I propose to introduce a crossbow.
I propose to teach slaves to collect resources.
I suggest adding magic to the game.
Please provide feedback)) :upside_down_face:

I’ve seen those proposed before. Try search to find others with your ideas.

A lot of the proposals seem to want to turn CE into Warcraft, rust, ark, and etcetera.

We want barbaric conan.


Flying has been proposed before. It’s a bad idea lore-wise and performance-wise, so I doubt it will ever get implemented.

Crossbows were implemented in EA, if I’m not mistaken, and then got removed because of multiple issues, including balance problems. Most likely won’t get implemented again, for similar reasons.

It’s been proposed before. It’s a terrible idea when it comes to game balance and it would probably wreck the server performance, too.

Needs more details.

Why? You can still lock the chest. If you dont trust your team, get another team or play solo.

No ty, it’s a fantasy game yes. But please, we dont actually need it. It’s just gonna be a copy of another game I wont mention here.

Could be fun for a limited time yes. But as @CodeMage said. It will probably cause performance issues. And also we survive without it.

Also like codemage said, crossbows was here in E-A but had to many issues. So probably wont come back. We got bows.

Seriously? Why? What will be the challenge for you as a player then? You have thralls that can slay every boss already. Why you want thralls that farms for you? That will make it possible to not be able to do nothing in the game at all except building.

I only see problems with bringing magic in to the game. Especially if it’s gonna be a new way to fight.

With these suggestions I think it will be a totally new game. And also think they wont earn anything on it. Better to make the game get as balanced as possible in the state it is in right now to begin with. And then possibly add more weapons, ways to build and so on.


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