NEW patch 2.4.6 new magic "disappearing Thralls"

After last patch my 1 thrall gona,i see him on thrall list but he is on teksture,but i cant rescu him, dont wana los legendary eq from Funcom prank .
Another thrall is big prank from Funcom, i fresh make my berserker lvl 20, this is my best berserker and when i back to base then my thrall disappearing.hes disappearing from thrall list, and i lost legendary crom sword and legendary helmet…
and my companion lost 11 thralls witch godslayer eq, this is facking Funcom prank

I already found one inside a foundation. Try to locate him using acid arrows, then destroy foundations at the location.

Else rescue him and lose all items on the thrall.

thanks for tip with acid arrows i will try, bug is biggest when need to rescu thrall, i dont wana lose sword of crom and another legendary equipment bcos funcom make prank.Funcom must repair bug where my thrall gonn,1 my best thral witch super rare eq die or something that when dont fight, idk ,cant find body, like he runaway from game :slight_smile: when support dont help me then i will make anty promotion for funcom on youtube and another sites.

If it is a private server, you can ask admin to go undermesh and take loot when you rescue the thrall. On solo too. On official, everything will be lost …

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