New Patch 2.4: Suggestion for Horses and combat

I always advocate against horse combat, because it was a meta and i don’t think a strict meta is good for any game
I must have options and gameplay styles. When something stays dominating the whole thing, it’s very bad.

However, balancing does not simply mean NERF.
I could suggest a few things about horseback fighting, such as:

1- Add a debuff on the horse’s movement speed (similar to the cripple) when it takes a hit, not something like the actual lame debuff it takes.
This adds a lot of skillplay on the part of the rider. he has to know how to maneuver, hit and get out correctly so as not to get screwed.

2- The saddles could grant a resistance (decrease) of this amount of slow based on their type: Heavy ones give greater resistance / Light ones have less resistance to allow people to choose between the saddle types and different gameplays. Now the only usable saddle is the light one because it has more speed and can out maneuver ground players and other knights with different saddles.

3- The damage of the weapons on the mount should be nerfed, but not to the point of becoming garbage. The multiplier for the heavy spear attack was 2.0x to 1.2x, for the other weapons it was 1.7 / 1.5 to 1.0 … you deal more damage with an axe on the ground than on the horse. (Maybe 2.0x to 1.4x and 1.5 to 1.3x would be fine to still match the ground fights)

4- Funcom should add a falling animation for players dropped from the horse.
Players should fall with their backs on the floor

When we ask for balance, we didn’t ask for simply nerfs, we want balance… Different ways to play the game with different strategies, rewards and flaws.
When you add a Light armor, medium armor and heavy armor, all of them must have it’s pros and cons to meet different play styles.

Most of the new changes do pvp on 2.4 aren’t good. These changes do not favor what funcom promised.

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