New patch and my ok wutintheheckisthat

  • When placing building pieces quickly or from weird angles you might not be able to connect new building pieces to a freshly placed building piece. Modifying the building around it (placing down additional building pieces replacing what you most recently put down) should make things work properly again.

do we get a full refund of the pieces we destroy to replace a new item?

honestly thats just awkward but at least you tryed to fix it so good point on this.

  • In certain rare cases you might encounter a building that hasn’t rendered in properly and might be invisible. If this happens, reconnecting should resolve the issue

ok so basicly if i get inthe game and wait for the game to load the rendering and resolution of all the buildings… and if i move and see one that has not yet loaded … i have to log out of the server im in… reconnect to it and wait for the whole game to reload everything over again , rinse and repeat, until the building i want to see appears in front of me? hummmmmmmmm waits for brain to recover from epic what da … just happened crash

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