New patch at fault for despawning boxes?

Well it would seem that the new patch messed up the official PVE-C server #1820. Multiple people I talked to got hit and lost chests, benches, and thralls. Every box in my T3 reinforced stonebrick base was destroyed. Along with tannery, carpenters bench, furnaces, stove, etc. Clanmates lost chests in their T2 insulated wood, along with a bit lost in T2 stonebrick. Even some Thralls despawned. This happened to us when the Khitan stuff rolled out, the Triangle Foundations demolished multiple boxes. Maybe I am just getting unlucky, but every update it seems that I get the short end of the stick. I didn’t participate in the TestLive, and I probably dont know what I am talking about, but maybe there is something going wrong with the way servers are updated.

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