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Well, I should start by saying I got more than 1000 hours played, I loved the game even though after a while it lacks new content to clear, I bought almost all the DLCs (missing 2x) and played on PvE mostly.

Since the new patch the game became unplayable, the lag is insane, there are times in which I cannot do anything outside my base without losing a thrall or more to lags.

The sorcery patch offered 2-3 days of content, I unlocked all the spells, placed clan teleports around the map, built all the new structures and tested all the spells, after which I got bored again since I can’t do anything except build, today I’ve lost myself another thrall to lag in a somewhat easy area because of the lags.

Most of the new structures and spells cannot even be used, such as “Circle of Power” to use “Summon corpse” because it will say you are too far away. (most likely because of the lags) but even Thaumaturgy bench sometimes does the same thing.

Not being able to actually play the game it gave me no incentive to even consider doing the missions from Battle Pass so there’s no reason for me to buy it, the items inside the Bazaar pretty much got no descriptions as to what items do so I’ve lost the 300-400 slots closet for 7-8$ deal, when you announced the new patch, the Battle Pass and Bazaar I was ready to spend some money, but it’s like your trying your best to make sure we won’t, my money are safe and going to other games because of that.

I understand the need to improve PvP system, but without any statistics in my hand and just by taking a wild guess, I believe the people on PvE and RP are the ones that support the game most, since they might buy more DLCs and build on PvE and RP servers with those skins and without the risk of their buildings being destroyed, knowing that most PvP servers I’ve played on in the past had only people with small bases that did not care about those aspects. That being said, the state of the PvE servers is horrible, my clan had to wait 2-3 days with a full purge bar (again, 2nd time it happens) to get a purge that spawned 3 skeletons on the roof of a small outpost, then 4-5 skeletons inside it and while regrouping the purge ended with phase1, that is what happens to every purge lately.
The dungeons and events give no incentive to be done, the loot tables are just useless and the dungeons pretty much impossible with those lags, I lost a Dalinsia thrall in the wine cellar when she got 3-4 shot by a boss that was there hitting her but did not load to me, just seeing her health drop from 100% to like 15% in a matter of seconds and not being able to do anything to save her, today went into New Asagarth, got all mobs spawning at once and blocked me at entrance of a house while I was trying to get out, died because thrall would not move to come help me and while running back to my corpse, my thrall somehow managed to die even if there were no players around to keep it in combat.
So between the horrible lags and many server crashes that I’ve encountered recently, I see no reason to spend more money on a battle pass or the missing 2 DLCs to support the game. Is like you are trying your best to prevent us from spending money.
I’ve considered renting a server but if the lag issues are anything close to the lag of the official servers it would just be another waste of money, and I dislike private servers because most of the times their admins abuse their powers.
Many of my friends quit the game, and I believe is time for me to do the same at least for a while, the new patch came 16 days ago, I believe 16 days of suffering with horrible lags and server crashes are pretty much where I draw the line.


I agree with much of what you’re saying.

Keep in mind that PVP often overlaps with PVE and vice versa. Having been a PVP player for the majority of my 4k hours I can say without a doubt that much of what is on PVP is actually PVE. Beautiful buildings, interesting players that like to RP despite the brutality and a community while wanting the content of destruction can often be incredibly giving.

I wouldn’t disregard the PVP community. I have all the DLCs too.

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I did not try to disregard anyone :wink: However, I still stand strong to my opinion that a larger number of the PvE and RP players are more likely to invest into DLCs and cosmetics overall, comparing to PvP players where to me they seem like exceptions. (at least that was my experience every time I’ve joined a pvp server in the past)

Unfortunately anyone reading your post will believe that you’re suggesting that PVE is more important.

That is untrue.
All modes are important.
7 including myself out of my group all have the DLCs. We just love the game.
Let’s not segregate ourselves further.

Nonetheless, this isn’t the meat of the issues that you’ve brought forth. The lag is terrible everywhere, people are experiencing pretty serious bugs that can either be gamebreaking or make it an unpleasant experience.

I’ve been watching mostly on the sidelines waiting patiently for things to improve.


I hope they won’t come to that conclusion, what I mean to say is that to some of us it looks like the main focus was PvP balance lately which I don’t know if it was done right since I’m a casual pvp player. Without much PvE content being added in terms of items, dungeons and so on. (except horses maybe, though not many use them) most of the “large updates” were at least meant to PvP balance or meant to make it look like is what their focus is.

Edit : Hope it makes sense, language barrier prevents me from expressing it better, also the hour is late and I am tired.


I dunno, based on the forum it seems most are complaining that it is too PVE focused and more making PVP useless XD

I don’t think it is either. I think it is revenue focused. Certainly the team have worked extremely hard and I give them respect where it is due. But let’s face it, they have a monster of a game with deadlines and obviously a corporate motive to make money.

They released it too soon. There have been comments from the team about not having enough time for various changes to be fully implemented and they hired more people to deal with customer support.

Now it is guinea pig mode and we’re the ones exasperatingly poking and prodding for them.


I guess the perspective is different for everyone, and most likely you are right about not being favorable to either side, however sometimes it helps letting all that anger out even if you could be wrong. (in my case at least).

Will keep an eye out of the game for a while and see where it leads, but at this point I believe that their hard work was not enough regardless of their motive or claims, knowing that there are people that do better jobs with mods, which maybe they could even implement if they give a cut ($) to the modders and still make a profit while not making life a hell for us. Having people that can only play at night when the servers are full and unplayable after a hard day’s work being disappointed and raging or uninstalling don’t think will increase their revenue overall.

Anyway, have a great night and let’s hope for better times and more reliable servers at least.


I’m just another PvP player, so here’s my perspective: @Kikigirl wants to ensure that it is never said that PvE is greater than PvP. I agree with this approach and refute such statements when they arise, as I can.

However, the dev team has said they have made no consideration toward PvP in the development of Conan Exiles. This was an explicit statement.

We make, or craft, PvP from what we’ve always been given. Through our participation, some of us feel as though we’ve helped shape the game. I hope you’ll stay engaged in the process.


Again is a matter of perspective. To someone like me that is a casual PvP player it seems like most of the focus was towards the PvP, nerfing thralls so PvP goes better, doing that other thing so PvP is better and so on and so fourth. (I do not claim that PvP is actually improved or a great system, just stating my honest opinion based on the changes I’ve seen that affected maybe both areas in a negative way).
Meanwhile PvE just gets “tools” or “additions” that got into those (claimed) PvP heavy oriented patches, while nothing is being done for the PvE, I can’t even remember last time they worked on the purge system for example, which is horrible and you get 2-3 purges where mobs spawn below textures, again just as an example.
But it could be just me and I could be wrong, is just the way I personally see it. To me Conan is supposed to be the game in which I relax, I do lots of PvP in other games such as Black Desert, WoW and so on.
At this point the only relaxing thing is building and I am afraid that I will build too much and end up being banned for it so at times I just log once every few days so my buildings won’t despawn and have nothing to do besides that since purges don’t work and so on.

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While there were many complaints over the time this was the case I don’t think Funcom’s intention was to nerf thralls to benefit PVP. The intention was to buff players for all modes so you’re the hero in the game, not lazily depend on your slave to do it for you. Despite that, as long as you spec properly your followers will perform just as well as previously.

As a sidenote for PVP: killing O/P thralls was pretty easy even in large numbers if you knew what you were doing. I could solo raid a base full of thralls, it just took time, strategy and patience.

The purge system sucks and it is not meant as a PVE only feature. PVP players have been complaining of the same. Again, this is a game feature that may need more work. Not intended to benefit or disadvantage one mode or another.

I agree that there needs to be more expanded in the ways of dungeons and lore. Keep in mind that this game is very much a sandbox and not exactly “quest” driven however.

Just as you are creating your own playstyle, many others build upon the respective modes and playstyles they choose.

As for the risk of being banned… well. I don’t have much advice. It’s been a huge pain point for me for months after having been devwiped and suspended. If you’re interested in what I have discussed, posted and determined, you’re welcome to click on my name and access my profile for more details.

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