New Patch is up and available

Funcom, you silly geese, you were messing with us. You had that patch up promptly at midnight and ready to go. You guys just ROCK!


can you link to it?

I just restarted steam and a patch DL started. It’s pretty small though. Not sure if its the final patch or a prepatch. Does anyone play on any private servers that have the update patched and running yet?

I’m seeing some official servers up, but password locked.

I don’t think it’s full patch tho

I just completed the patch.

me too just now :stuck_out_tongue:

how big is the ptach?

it’s not official full release yet

however, it looks like swamp area is up now. I am playing through SP right now

Yeah, it’s got to be a prepatch. No invalid servers on the list yet. All official servers are password locked. Probably just doing connection stability tests. looks like the full wipe is done tho. All the official servers have new numbers assigned.

It COULD be the full release patch though. They could just have a simple unlock patch going out, and already had the final version primed and patched beforehand. It would be smarter to have set it up that way so their download servers arent bogged down as much on release.

1.4GB patch on steam

Schtap teasing me, ya wankers!

Argh - Can’t wait to get home from work and download and start playing :slight_smile:

Gonna play on carebear pve server tho, as I look forward to just exploring, building, leveling etc.

During Early release I never really did any dungs or such tho… Looking forward to trying that out in the weeks to come :slight_smile:


Some of the official servers have gone back down. Those might be those back up servers they talked about having available and on standby. Either that are they are doing some kind of rolling patching and restart.

1.4 gig patch, it is the full release patch.

on x box 44,5 gb :persevere:and it looks like it will be give a second patch today at lunch time

This console is a joke. If there’s a second patch at launch then I won’t be able to play until May 16th, the last 44.5gb used all my 4g datas …

PC > Consoles .


some private servers have the new patch allready. Swamp and vulcano biome is unlocked :smiley: