New PC PvP Server with AoC and PIPPI MODs


Dathomir Community has a fresh new PVP server! Join now and claim your lands! Server uses The Age of Calamitous and PIPPI mods! Great RP opportunities (RP not required)

Server Name: Dathomir PVP Server AoC/Pippi

Direct Connect:

VAC Enabled

Items drop on death

Building damage from 1800 to 2359 EDT

No avatars

Harvest: 3X
XP: 3X


  • The Age of Calamitous
    *Better Thralls


Server is going great so far. Admin has added markets and venders! Arena is soon to follow! players are slowly trickling in but we need more! Still a new server with lots of places to build. Hurry and join!

Admin continue to improve the server! Their next project is adding quests!

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I made some changes to the Colosseum last night should be very usable now.

We need some updated screenshots of the markets and Colosseum

I have 4 working quests and 2 more in progress. Spread the word. Decent loot…and I’ll continue to add content as time progresses.