New pets, etc but no serpent men thralls?

I’ve recently read about the new pets, undeads and even the frost giants as thralls are coming soon to the game. This is awesome, but why not serpent men too?

I would love to be able to go into the volcano dungeon, harvest serpent man eggs, hatch them ( in a hot area around the volcano I assume) and then deploy them like thralls after raising them in an animal pen or something. If we can have frost giants, why not serpent men?



Serperntmen are strong minded ppl, they would never submit to humans.

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lol that was said about Giants…


Frost giants are… dumber, so it makes sense overcoming their intelect and using them as body guards, but not Serpentman.

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but in the dungeon they refer to their young as bastards so if you take their eggs or young that are unwanted “bastards” maybe you could in theory raise one?

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Theres always a possibility, it would be cool, and even more if you take them to the volcano and he would rebel against you to stay with their brethren lol.

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