New pets/thralls implementation- can it be done without a wipe? Funcom response please

Looking to get official feedback on this query…


  1. When pets and the new thrall feeding system is implemented will Funcom do this without a full or partial wipe?


I am reading what is being introduced and given past experiences with new implementations in this game, it leaves me concerned there will be some form of wipe to inject these new features into the game.

So will there be a wipe or not?


Thats a good question.
@Tascha Could you possibly answer this one?
There have been rumors a few weeks ago about some wipe possibly taking place.

Those are nothing more than rumors. Funcom has stated in the past that they will give several weeks notice for any wipes.


Thanks for the response but it did not address the question.


I think Funcom is really good at not answering player concerns and answering questions no one asked or wanted to ask.

Well I highly doubt a moderator can tell us about this. More likely to get an answer through the stream or tomorrow…
The sole thing everyone interested in an answer can do is “liking” the question itself. A heart for answers!

I have asked the CM’s about this in the past and that is the answer that was given. I will venture far enough to say that it still stands.

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Oh, okay? I wouldnt have guessed moderators being the same like devs.

The first time I heard of that rumor was … I dont know… 3 weeks ago? It was told in some global chat on a server, claiming it had been shared on facebook.

So sure, a usual answer saying they will tell us a good while prior to the actual thing happening…
However, if I think about the one or two other times when stuff had been decided as if it was some impulse…

It makes me wonder. Also I hope the pet system wont be pushed out to live as soon as possible. Yet this means pets moving to live might happen in 4-6 weeks - or think about how long it took for the combat update hitting live! That took “a while” as well. So there would still be plenty room for Funcom to announce this stuff.

An official confirmation of neighter partial nor full wipe happening at pet release on live would be neat.
Just a clear statement that it will or wont happen at said point.

Some might be wondering. Actually… I am.
Because if there will be, why should I care about official servers right now?
Why wouldnt I entirely switch over to testlive for the time being?

I appreciate that they try to give a six week heads up.

What I am asking is…

Can the new features - pet system and thrall feeding be implemented on the servers without having to do any type of wipe?

Can’t really expect devs to come here and respond to every completely baseless random rumor.

I heard there are aliens in Area 51. I demand the government responds.

Where did I mention rumors?

The question is simple one that at a minimum could be handled with a “yes” or a “no” to answer it.

There won’t be any wipes on official servers when the new mechanics are introduced :slightly_smiling_face:
We can’t of course talk for private servers, those are at the discretion of the respective owners.


Seems legit…

Thanks for answering. I Love You <3

Thank you. :+1:

Thank you for the answer Tascha. :slight_smile:

Okay, and players have left for less as well. Some were… not very happy about this thought.
I will leave the rest to your imagination.
All I wanted was to support this question to get some official statement. Because now we know there wont be one, and can tell others about it if that rumor is being spread again.

There is a difference in doubting or knowing it wont happen.

I read somewhere that there won’t be a wipe, but there will be a server restart for the implementation of the patch. So i guess that’s why it’s confusing ? Server restart and wipe are different :smiley:

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