New player, accepted Curse of Flies quest and now about to lose my Unconquered status

Can anyone tell me where the artifact can be found (quest in Wild Lands, high 30s)? I’ve made three attempts to find it and got back with barely enough time to get the curse recast before the timer expired.

Go across the bridge, take right fork, down the stairs, now find the “hidden cellar”.
Inside is the artifact.

Thanks a million, thought I searched that area but will do again. Cheers!
Edit: man, I dunno what my problem is but I’ve gained almost a full level looking around the entire ruins for the hidden cellar. Do I need to use an ability to find it? From your instructions, at the bottom of the right ramp coming from the quest giver, there’s a part that goes kinda under the walls and then comes back up to a quest NPC but nothing else there.

That’s the right area, right after the passage beneath the wall turn right. There is a stony object (looking like a small pyramid) which you can click on. Wait until the castbar is done and you should have the artifact in your questinventory.

Thanks, I’m bugged I guess cuz that thing is not interactable for me. FML what a way to lose Unconquered after 41 levels.

You could try to delete the quest and take it again.
Or delete it and skip it.

Tried that but nope. I see what the problem is now: as soon as the NPC casts the curse, I immediatlely fail the quest and I’m in the state where it thinks I died and need it cast again to try again. Except it’s a loop cuz if I get it, I fail immediately.
Just subbed yesterday too. I petitioned but based on CS response times reported here, I don’t have much hope. What, wait 30 days for a response and not play? Smh.
I do appreciate you guys trying to help though. Other players, be warned: do not take this quest if you are unconquered unless you want to rage uninstall.

I decided to bite the bullet and let the timer expire. Guess what? I DIDN"T DIE. WTF? Funcom trolled me so hard that I completed 2 levels trying to find the gd artifact while running back and forth to get the curse recast. Well, letting it expire allowed the quest to reset.
Thanks again for everyone’s help!

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It’s a hard quest to do on level as you lose alot of time having to fight your way to and from. You can try riding / sprinting just blow all the NPC’s off and try to race to get it and then back, but you’ll end up with a lot of angry NPC’s on your tail just waiting for you to stop at both ends.

The flies as vanity come from a cloak. You find it in the north east of Wild Lands. Its part of the achievements.

Yeh I can confirm this qeust sometimes triggers an odd bug. Despite having picked up the artifact and qeust forwarding me to talk to the qeust giver with a yellow qeustion mark on his head… it still makes the qeust fail and gives dialogue that supposedly you died and lost the mark or something.

I was very worried that i would lose Unconquered status due to this qeust, but what I did is abandon the qeust wich was of no help… then 20 sec before the debuffs expires I just logged out and logged in for immunity debuff. I have no idea if that worked or not, but I did not die so its good.

For those that are doing Unconqurered run… SKIP THIS QEUST!

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I am in the same state on my unconquered toon.