New Player and Thrall Sounds

With the new update came a change for a more immersive atmosphere. Now while “standing around” your character will cough, yawn, moan, etc. As well as the Thralls that are placed down/on stations.

Currently my base sounds like an outbreak of Black
Lung has infected my once stoic Thralls. Broken on my wheel, ever enduring under the watchful eye of my Taskmaster…now nothing but a bunch of spoiled yawners hacking up lungs.

Remove idle sounds from players and Thralls:

  • Yes, remove them.
  • No, keep them.

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Or at least make it an option to remove the sounds


I’d be happy with that. :joy:

I wouldn’t mind the sounds, but I guess I havent heard much of them. Cant really play with the framerate issues right now. I would think that allowing them to be turned off client-side and/or decreasing the volume and frequency would be a perfect middle ground.

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I’d like to see the sound greatly reduced, it’s ridiculous walking into my base now with everyone coughing their guts up, yawning and sighing… It’s a nice idea but it has to be way less frequent. I like the animations, though.


I’m going to close the Poll at this time. They seem to be working on a fix and I’m open to seeing what that entails. :slight_smile: I really appreciate all the feedback, I love hearing from the community. :black_heart:

This still need to be fixed. Its like I’m living in a ■■■■■ house. Also where is the faring and burping sounds? If Funcom want to make it realistic those should be added to.

But seriously please make a mute function for the sounds. If I wanted to hear some one coughing up a long I would call my dad who is a 45 year smoker.

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