New Player; Blood-Starved Beasts - Cannot see or interact with war machine


I just started SWL and I cannot get past this new player mission. I can kill the war machine, but I cannot see it and I cannot interact with it once it is dead.

I’ve scoured google for answers. I’ve updated my GPU drivers. I’ve /setoption SpellEffect_DisplayLevel 0. I’ve repaired the game data. I’ve installed the full client. Nothing seems to work.

Any help would be appreciated. I’ve included screenshots of my system config and the problem below.

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A mission name and tier might be helpful. As for links and pictures, those options should become available after a little time.

I am guessing this is during the tutorial, where you electrify the water?

Have you tried a couple times, or just once?

Oh, I thought the name of the mission was “Blood-Starved Beasts” and it seems to only have one tier.

I’ve tried the mission more than a dozen times. I’ve had the invisible monster problem for most of the new player missions. It partially resolved at one point, after some config tinkering. But, the next tier or wave or whatever monsters were invisible again.

I just uninstalled the Steam version and am doing a full client install with the launcher from the website. Hopefully that produces a positive result.

Well, that didn’t work. Same problem…

Oh sorry my bad on the mission name. Umm have you checked your graphics drivers lately?

I’d just put in a ticket for that honestly. That’s a strange bug

Sorry for the shaky cam and reflection. I’m not exactly set up to record gameplay. But I thought a video may be helpful in describing the problem.

Try to write here: Include link for this thread, they’ll look at what you already showed.

Done. :slight_smile:

Just a quick thought, I notice on your screen shot and video that the background downloader (the spiny thing top right) is trying to download assets, do you have any anti virus or firewall that might be stopping it?


OMG that was totally it. I have Windows Firewall and Clam Sentinel installed. Disabled them both and it worked.

Re-enabled them and it still worked, which kind of sucks b/c I’d like to know exactly which caused the problem. I’ll spend some time reinstalling and testing tomorrow and get a definite answer.

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It would be working after you reenabled them, since the needed assets are now downloaded =). It can very much be recommended to add the SWL folder to the exception list for the Firewall and antivirus.

Okay, after a couple of reinstalls and tinkering with my firewall and antivirus… I have determined that my antivirus was causing the background downloader to corrupt files. I made a new character and didn’t have any missing mobs, the game looks good in DX11 and a bunch of other graphical glitches have gone away.

Hopefully this will help others. I found several issues similar to this one while searching and none seemed to have a definitive fix.

Glad you got it sorted, welcome to the game.

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