New Player Building Issues

I recently bought the game last week and I get that the game still has bugs, but building structures is fairly annoying. This is especially evident(though not the only time this happens) when trying to place structures around ‘Forkspring Hollow’ in the SW part of the jungle near the border. There are lots of flat areas there, and no matter how I rotate, raise, lower, or adjust the pitch of an object, I continuously get the display message of it having collision issues.

Is there some sort of trick to placing structures that is not apparent or is the building really this broken? Also, I was able to build walls all around that hollow tree, place crafting stations, decoration items, and storage boxes all over that area.

But when it comes to placing tents of any size or building structure parts, I keep getting the collision messages. After struggling with the messages for a couple hours, I was able to place two small basic tents(and not next to each other), but nothing larger anywhere else in that area.

Thanks in advance.

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