New player LFG - Steam PC player

Hello, I’m looking for an active group to play with. I’m not a hardcore player, more casual but would love a group so I’m not out and about solo all the time. I’m currently on a random server willing to join a new one.

My server is a PVP, but it fits everything else that you are looking for. :slight_smile:

You can find us at and join our Discord at

Left u a message :wink:

PM’ing you

Come hang out with us if you like. A few of my friends and I who don’t like hardcore, super-painful and tedious servers set up a relaxed server that focuses on the parts of the game that are the most fun. I’m on almost every day and so are a couple other regulars. Very good place to start out.

Server name is: Glory to The Hypnotoad!
Direct Connect: