new player looking for 18+ pve server

new player looking for 18+ pve server with nudity enabledi n the uk

Hey my friend. This isn’t entirely pve, but we are friendly and if u have even the slightest interest in pvp this might be an option. There is 45 min to raid every day, which isn’t much so u can defend urself pretty easily. The community is mature and we are traders and helpers. We would love u to join us. Come try it out for a bit and take the conclusions for urself :slight_smile:

Name of server is [PVE-C] With 45m for raid. [EU][23/06] Solo/duo/trio Only. (its in the pvp tab)
Direct IP:
We have a thread for our server in this page a little down below.
Either you decide to join us or not. Have fun with the game friend, it’s awesome.

just joined my charater is lola

You can join my server its PVE and close to vanilla so It will have long game play ability.