New player looking for a low rate PVE server

Things I’m looking for mostly like official servers rates but the reason why im not touching officials because people always saying funcom doesn’t do anything against griefers so i rather not deal with it.

I did test the game a bit with some mods it did a bit ruined my experience just a little when i was able to craft iron items I didnt feel the accomplish tbh cause the 2x harvest rate.

Few things I’m looking is…

  1. The big one i don’t want a easy server I wanna feel the progression as I start playing this and not many mods adding bunch of new different crafting items (i tried it and got so lost to the point i regret putting pts in which cause me to quit)

  2. Exp rate 1x and harvest amount 1x-1.5x i tried 2x-3x I feel like i was cheating just 2x-3x feels too much

3.Increase level cap i guess it was like 300?

  1. No AoC too many addons till i get really used to the game experiencing most things.

  2. Decent playerbase guess 10+ but bigger would also be nice

6.RP mods nothing too fantasy like that will kill the immersion/setting of this game I personally don’t rp though and they have some good mods just that hopefully rules that is not forced to do that.

That’s pretty much it I just rather ask but if no options available i guess i try and stick with official if no other options present thanks for reading!

I don’t know if you progressed enough in the game to know so I’ll mention it here.
There is a potion in the game made from yellow lotus, you need an alchemy bench to make it.

It is basicly a point reset, you unlearn all stats and perks when you use it.

If I were looking for a new server I would use the search features on the server select screen.


For a Server like you’re looking for I would…

  • set combat mode to PVE
  • set region to whatever is local to you
  • uncheck “Show servers with mods”, if you don’t want to see them

Then I would sort by ping, and skip through the list until I found a private server that doesn’t have the lock icon, make a character and ask someone about the server, because private servers usually have rules you need to know.

You could also do the same thing without unchecking the moded servers, but I must tell you finding a server with only a few mods is extremely difficult.

Edit: While I was composing this post I ran though the steps myself
I found a server with only 5 mods, called The Exiled Streets

New server just started with just a few mods. Come learn with us. Were running the Savage Wilds Map

“Conan Wilds” - US Base Server