New player, PC Steam, LFG no-wipe server, US ping, relaxed play

If possible, would prefer a no-drop-on-death server - having to start over, especially early on when armor/weapons are hard to get, can be a major pain in the butt.

Can adjust modlist if needed.

I feel ya. A lot of those same issues were really ruining the game for a group of my friends and I, so I started a server with the idea of making the game less tedious so you can focus more on the parts of it that are the most fun. Check it out. The mods are pretty lightweight. Too many mods and the lag gets horrible, so although there are others I really like, I tried to narrow it down to the ones that do the most for the game experience. Check it out if ya like. Best of luck otherwise. :slight_smile: Welcome to the Exiled Lands.

Server name is: Glory to The Hypnotoad!
Direct Connect:

Do I need to change/add any mods?