New players can’t really play this game (Official Pve-C drama post)


Here we are again, after the two-day exile and with a warning from the moderators, to analyze with you the second official game mode (PvE-C).
I created the character, leveled a bit and started building a small house in a spot on the map near the water, between a level III base and a small level I house. After half an hour I built it I see one with a yeti coming. I thought it couldn’t attack me and that my constructions were invulnerable, so I continued in complete tranquility without stress. After another half hour the boy called a friend and I found two high levels with the yeti going around my house, luckily invulnerable. I take a break and come in after two hours (I also have a social life, after all, and a dependent family). I come back and find that these two brilliant 60 levels have built very small bases around my hut, practically surrounding it. Beyond my construction, it is impossible for me to build anything else …
This game deserves, in my opinion, to be played only in single player or the quarantine makes people regret being silly.

Are these fish-eater developers (who should make them smarter) planning to do something about it or trudge until the Chinese takeover?
Try to make a good impression with them or they take away your pocket money and close the bedroom.

Going for a second strike…

Small tip

Why not put a numerical limit on the number of foundations / parts that a player can build? So people use their gray matter to count construction and not waste walls.

Just find good private PVE-K servers. Good private servers have players that actually help new players in game. Also admin make some additional services which can be helpful.

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Server administrator: I’m a God. Lick my feet and worship me!
Me : noooot

Adm pannel → spawn Giant snakex1000

Me : You, crap.

Do you usually find that slang racial slurs get you a more positive response? It would surprise me…


An answer would always be welcome, even if negative. Always better than hiding behind a moralism and not giving me any answer.
Hence a legitimate question: Why did you answer without giving me an effective answer to the problem?

Because questions packaged with insults don’t deserve answers.


… then don’t answer.
Do not unnecessarily increase the post, I would not like it to have so much visibility

That’s how all survival games work, people are ■■■■■■■■ in multi-player games, if you don’t like that just stick to single player.


I bought the game, I pay the PS4 subscription annually and should I play the single player?
At this point I no longer buy the subscription and mom Sony will cry.

I raised the question because I thought it was better than someone flagging the post as a breach of forum guidelines; I may have been mistaken in assuming you were being intentionally racist. Your post isn’t really seeking an answer anyway, the only question is really a statement disguised as a question.

So, on topic: Limiting building options via an arbitrary cap on pieces will never solve the problem of people behaving like idiots. They will always find something else to grief with, and players that enjoy building legitimately will suffer unnecessarily.


My post is a suggestion. In fact, in the end I suggest a possible solution to the problem of construction abuse by limiting the number of parts that can be placed on the map.
Another solution could be to limit the number of bases that a person / clan can build, as in some private servers, that is a main base and a maximum of two secondary bases (the wheels of pain are excluded from the count and can be infinitely placed).

If you want to report the post, do it.
Only with verbal violence is it possible to wake up someone who has slept for two years.

Thank you for confirming it was meant to be racist as an attention seeking action.

I don’t want to report your post, I think I was pretty clear on that; it should stand as a testament to your intent. I believe that you have also soundly demonstrated the level of credence that the opinions you express should be given.


If you behave the same way in-game @Zzeban no wonder why people want you out of server asap. It is maybe time for you to self-reflect.


Pretty much. What’s the saying? You make something idiot-proof and someone will build a better idiot?


Play singleplayer because playing online makes you cry.

This has been my solution since day 1. Haven’t regretted it.

The game is, for the most part, fine. I’ve been lucky and haven’t suffered from most of the serious bugs people have reported over the last two years, and the ones that used to annoy me have been fixed. The one thing Funcom will never be able to fix is - other players. That’s why I play without them.

A small part of me longs for a cooperative multiplayer experience, but not so much as to make me rent a private server of my own. If I ever did, I’d have only one rule, the rule I teach to my students regarding social media: “Don’t be a dick.”


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