New players is not gonna get t6 weapons



I play since 2009 with a few short breaks, nowdays I am not that active anymore. I am more of a casual player (last time I was in an active raidforce was probably 3 years ago).

Why is it not fair that only the “active” players get the T6 weapons? I mean, you don’t even have to be raiding T6 to get weapons + necklace, you get them for beating lower tier raids actually which would never be possible on Crom. You also don’t need to farm the raids (like you need to do it in the real T6 raids to get 2 weapons as Barbarian or Assassin), just do the bosses once and you are done. The necklace is almost free since doing a raid with the raidfinder is no actual challange, the destiny quest is harder because in RF you can basically be AFK the whole raid long and get your rewards -> You need to put that into perspective with getting such a necklace on Crom, people there are killing some of the hardest bosses in the game (again, they even need to farm them if they don’t drop the right necklace) whereas people on the saga server only need to do a simple RF raid. As you said, you want everyone to get a fair crack at the rewards from this event -> There you have it, a free T6 necklace. Put in more work now and you can get an even bigger reward.
This has nothing to do with “looking down” on someone or creating a bigger split between player types, it just that you get a better reward for putting more time and a little bit more work into it. It’s really no big deal unless you completely dislike playing with others in raids and groups but if thats the case then I don’t think a MMORP is the right game.

If you value having a T6 weapon so much then work for it. You can already get T5 relics from Loot Caches in the item shop which is a complete disgrace in my opinion but still, people buy this stuff and don’t even know where you can buy or get the actual gear items.

The saga quest (the last part of it) is completely Ok in my opinion, not that hard and not too easy.

On a side note: I think that too many games nowdays reward people for “Hey, I was there and saw it but didn’t actually do anything”, this is completely wrong in my opinion. If you want to have something you need to work for it, you can’t hand out everything for free.


Lets see.

Old game? Check.
Low player base? Check.
Company in need of money for game to survive? Check.
Player base still wanting new players to have to go as long to reach end game as they did? Check.
Amount of people that will remain more than a few months knowing they are miles behind everyone else? Few.
Odds that the game will survive long? Low.

Congrats guys, you took years to get there so let it all burn down to preserve your notion that things shouldnt change no matter what the situation is…

All this and I do not see any veteran giving ideas like “Saga should be rewarding T3 or T4 weapons” before making people do the boss chain for a T6 so new/returning players can AT LEAST get to the point where they can start doing raids with old timers right away to increase the end game population on the other servers when Saga ends.

Think this through guys, Saga is not some reward for people that were already playing, it was a way to entice people like me to come back after years of being away and bring in new players so YOU have more people to play with and so FUNCOM has more possible paying customers.

Come up with ways to make people STAY, not drive them AWAY because they will be far from being able to play with YOU after Saga ends.


Giving out T6 items for free isn’t going to help the population numbers, it’s actually going to make it worse if people come here, rush to level 80 (even completely new people still try to convince me to powerlevel them, like what the actual f***, you want to play a game and then skip a big part of it by letting others do it?!), do a RF raid, get a huge bunch of T4 relics and T6 necklace + weapons. Yeah sure, that’s going to fix it.
Play for a few weeks and be done completely with the game? They will instantly leave again because they have nothing do to other than farming T5 or T6 which they wont do since they are too lazy for it if they can’t even stand leveling a character to 80.
The Raidfinder already killed the endgame on Crom because it hands out T4 gear for free.

I give up, really, people just want big rewards, without having any effort. If T6 weapons are everything that makes you keep playing the game then you should maybe try other games. I really don’t care anymore. I met a lot of new people who put in some time and some work who got the rewards, I helped them and they helped me, simple as that. If you don’t want to play with anyone you wont get far in ANY MMORPG.


I would not say hitting 80 and getting T4 gear for not playing the game (raidfinder) takes the same amount of time as the way veterans obtained their T4 gear years ago. Your argument is wrong. New players can catch up on Crom really fast.

This is what the instant T1 gear on Saga is for. You can start raiding right away - and if you do it in a way that benefits your char progressionwise you will just climb the tiers and that is not problem at all for new or old players. T1 Vistrix - Cloak Quest - Silver Peacock Quest - T2 Levis Hand - T3 Cloak Quest, Prot Ring/Necklace Quest - T4 - T3,5 inbetween depending on your class.

As many people said befor: Ingame rewards which you get from certain content have nothing to do with how much money you spend to play the game. If you want to have a chance to get gear for cash buy shop boxes. A full T1 set, a T4 cloak and a T6 necklace for very minor effort is not good enough for a new player who does not want to raid?

And most important: This is a MMORPG. So - play with people. There are guilds out there, there are pug raids, there are organized raids, get to know people, talk to them, ask them. It is that simple. If you do not like to play with other people, this is simply not the right game for you (at least if you want to have loot from group content). It is like playing a shooter and complaing that there are no swords in it.

And it is simply not true that all raids demand exp. Well, if you call exp things like setting up and reading a raid chat, asking questions and reading instrucions then…yes. But T1,2, the raids every newbie should start with anyway, are hosted as pugs without voice com (or only offered voice com). When it comes to T3 and higher - yes, then voice com is needed, certain specs and gear is needed. To be able to succesfully run them. That is just part of the game.

Exp is mostly: Be interested in your class and the raid instance befor you even join a raid. Learn how to play your class well, learn some does and don’ts, prepare yourself and your toon for a raid (chat, target, spec, food, gear). Ask questions. Make it easy for the poeple who want to teach you and join them on voice com. Listen carefully. Take some notes, read up tactics, watch some videos. Talk to people who play your class, look what they do, ask them if you see they are playing way better than you.
Use the raidfinder not only as a farming and grinding place - observe what is going on around you, ask yourself how you can improve and contribute.

I highly doubt that anyone who WANTS to play the game is not able to find people he can play, group, and raid with. But I will believe that people who want to play the game like a single player game will have problems.


Like i said in a previus post, you can do every single content ingame with T4 gear, which u get from raidfinder fast as hell. So you can already catch up with us old timers rly fast. Considering we all started off from scratch on saga too.

So, you have T4 gear, you can do everything ingame already, you already had enough gear to raid since u became level 80 and got t1 set, what will the t6 sword help you with? Does it have a built in social function that will look for guilds and raids for you? No you will just run around in raidfinder with a fancy weapon that you dont need.

Can this greed end, back in the day when the game was new, it was much much harder then it is now. What people seem to fail to understand is that this is a MMO. If only you would try to find 23 likeminded people and try the raids, communicate and learn the fights like we all did once in a time, you would have your t6 weapon within weeks. This is not a singleplayergame.


And that is exactly the point. You do not buy rewards. You buy playtime, you buy virtual items, you are entitled to play the content and try to get the rewards via playing. This is such a horrible mindset to heave in a game, and it is just wrong. And this is not about “veterans not wanting new players to get shiny stuff”, it is about not getting how games like this work.


Ugh…old players have forgotten how to think like a new player.

Will you please stop for a second and look at how many threads are on this website that has been up now for 2-3 weeks…

This board, for the new server has less than what? 50 threads? This means next to NO ONE is coming here for info.

When was the last time YOU tried to look up information for a quest? I did, for 3 quests yesterday and was not able to even find basic information on 2 of those quests…they are not even listed in the AOC wiki because they were the second part of a series and only the original quests are listed and even those just had their NAMES on the site with no details listed.

it took almost 20 minutes for someone to finally say in game that 1 of the quests was bugged and has been for a very long time…

New players do NOT know what is “and if you do it in a way that benefits your char progressionwise” when playing a new game or returning to one after being gone for years and information about this game is really really thin.

This is what I am talking about. The game is OLD, you cannot approach new players like the game is still new. Expectations need to be changed, the road to end game must be shortened since that is where everyone else is or do not expect this games lifespan to be extended.

The rest of your post is pointless as its all biased assumptions that have nothing at all to do with what I said in my post…just the same rants people make in all MMORPGs that are dying, and continued by those that left games closed down that seem to want to make sure the current old game they are playing is also shut down.

Its almost as if people WANT old games to die the same death as others, for the same reasons…dont come up with solutions, just give the same reasons not to make the game more popular.


Ah lovely, this is the classic way topics are dealt with on AoC. Feel the respect for the fellow players no wonder they want to share the player experience with you all day long.

Edit by Anzu: Don’t quote offensive posts please.

Right here is what has made learning to play this game a toxic experience for many. Players who cannot string two sentences together without insulting their fellow players. We see a fine example of why many players do not want to even associate with players like you, let alone use use you as an example of how to play and indeed it is also a good example of the so called elite player’s attitude towards, well all the rest, and right now that t6 has become a reward for this type of attitude.


Of course, because one player on the forums is using an insult it means -> Every long term player is an elitist ■■■■■■■.

It’s weird that I teached many new players how to play their class, how to do dungeons and where to get gear and so on, they all managed to get T6 weapons because they did something instead of complaining all day long that everything is too hard. Everyone was (is) friendly to each other and has fun, no one is complaining and they like learning new dungeons.

If you say that players are discouraced by some people on the forums using insults in their sentences then the internet is no place for you, sorry. Have you seen how toxic the Overwatch community is? Especially when comparing competitive ranks to each other and talkin about balance? With your logic no one would play the game or attend in anything besides playing against bots to avoid social contact but somehow this game has a massive playerbase while it is a far more toxic environmet than Age of Conan’s community.

You want gear from group content? Then you need to do group content and interact with players in a multiplayer game. Simple.


I think people like you have another meaning to what the definition of PLAYING a game is. you seem to think that the rewards is the content, while I think the struggle/road to get the rewards is the content.

T6 weapons are not gonna make you more active in the actual content of the game, if you chose to pay and play an MMOrpg, then its time you start playing it as one. Finding likeminded people throwing yourself at the hours of content this game has to offer is the way to go, working together to discover and finding out tactics yourself IS the meaning of the game, taking shortcuts reading forums takes away the fun.

If you want to continue doing occasional RFs and grind some khitai, that’s completely fine, however , I wouldnt ask society for a free Ferrarri so i can go pick up my socialservice-check in style.


Please quote where I said new players should get a T6 weapon.

Perhaps if you actually read what I posted and replied directly to the words I said “people like you” wouldnt be making statements about “people like me”. But, you ignore every single actual point I make because you cannot actually refute it, just repeat the same things over and over again.

And there is yet another problem with old games. Nothing changes because people that post are locked into personal dogma and so there is no unified front for developers to get behind and games end up dying because there are no changes made to save it.


Of course, because one new person asks for an easier time to get to end game in an old game it means -> Every new player wants EVERYTHING handed to them. :expressionless:


If you write that the road to endgame is too long, in a thread that is literally about handing out t6 weapons, you’re asking for it :stuck_out_tongue:


If you reply to people without reading what they actually write, you should expect to receive the reply you did :wink:


You actually think that it’s normal to insult someone simply because it’s the “internet”

Do you think that somehow because you are behind a screen you can behave how you like? I feel sorry for the likes of you who somehow have made it the norm to make the net a horrible place. Would you condone and indeed behave like this face to face and not expect some kind of response. It’s amazing you actually seem to be convinced that insulting people is the norm, so much so it’s everyone else’s problem, my god the arrogance. Just because another game has an even more toxic environment, should we be content with that, to remain one notch above their low standards.

As I mention before the t6 reward is more a symbolic reward for the completion of the Saga server it’s not meant as a normalised event, and in my opinion everyone, and I mean EVERYONE should be given a fair chance to get it. (and not given it for free, as some have interpreted that sentence)

How many will complete Saga before it ends?

Did I ever say that I like the fact that people have to use insults on the internet? No, I don’t like it either. But you have to face it, if there is anonymity possible people will misuse it in some way. Always.
I have completely accepted that it happens, you can avoid these people, block them or whatever.

Everyone HAS a fair chance to get the T6 weapon rewards, I really don’t see how it is unfair to some people. Doing these 4 bosses (well, and the bosses before them to get there) is more than fair for getting the best weapons in the game. You already get a T6 necklace as a nice reward for doing a simple raidfinder raid, if this is not enough I don’t know it. Having such a necklace is something most of the people on this server would NEVER even able to achieve, so why complain about not getting the big end rewards if you don’t want to put some work into it?

Just tell me, what kind of quest goal would you create to get the T6 weapons? What do you think would be a fair enough challange to get these rewards?


It wouldn’t have been the two step approach used on Saga, that’s for sure. Personally I would have liked to see a series of quests and endeavours, with the inclusion of one raid and possibly one rf and an example of all types of situation a player would be faced with on a normal levelling and endgame run, but with the choice of getting to the end by multiple routes so that players could find a way to play to their strengths, it would have been a long journey, an interesting one and an advertisement for everything that is in AOC but not a one size fits all approach., That’s what I would have liked to see.


See, now if you had actually read my posts you would have seen…

As a fix to address the issue at hand while proving your opinion that “EVERYONE has a FAIR chance” is just plain wrong.

The OP made a VALID argument that new players do not have the experience of doing all the raids that vets do along with not knowing anyone and face something veterans do not face. Veterans, did NOT have to work their way up to doing all these raids in JUST A FEW MONTHS TIME like new people are here on Saga…THAT is a hurdle YOU are not thinking about. They must learn how to play AND how to do end game content in record time WHILE facing requirements of veterans by so many raiders.

My suggestion fixes that issue in every way.

By rewarding a T3 or T4 weapon before the saga raid requirements to get a T6 (before having to do the raidfinder), new players can group up together and learn the raids since so many veteran raiders are demanding people with either raid experience or better gear to make up for it so new players can do more damage while messing up.

THOSE ARE THE ISSUES NEW PEOPLE ARE FACING that you are not thinking about. That is a wall, a big, thick wall that is not being thought about by veterans in this thread.


It’s not. Totally not. I can’t count how many new people are there in the raids I was, some of them just recently hit level 80 and instantly joined a raid, because they wanted to learn something and have a challange and we wanted to teach them what to do. It worked, we helped them learn the mechanics and they helped us filling spots in the raid that were empty (basically making the raid half experienced players and half non experienced players).
You don’t need months to learn a raid mechanic, you might need some tries to get a raid working with so many new and random players that you haven’t met yet but the mechanics are explained in max. 10 minutes. If you don’t kill the boss first try then try it again, and again and again and again. There are enough information on the internet, videos, threads, guides, everything. It’s not that you have to learn to do these raids from scratch, like trying out something completely new. The knowledge is there, it’s easy accessible, just ask in the global chat if someone can explain a raid for you, there will be plenty of helpful people who will explain everything, even with details you probably never need to worry about.

As I already said many times now: I have seen lots of new players get the rewards already because they invested some time into the game, they made friends ingame and helped built up a raid community and got their rewards.


Baffled as to why its so hard for you to understand that Funcom put in questlines in a tier system where its clearly intentional that only some players will finish the top one. RF spammers already got a t4 cloak and T6 necklace for free. Should be happy instead of greedy, crying for more.

The Crom realm is filled with full T4 characters that still do tortage combos cos they havent found their level 80 combos. At the same time you can do T6 completely fine on a T4 geared character, hell we even killed ethram with a handfull of t1 geared chars. Please tell me again how giving free loot will help the game in the long term. If the gear is the only thing that drives new players of AOC, we should rather keep them from it, to make them stay longer.