New players is not gonna get t6 weapons



There is clearly no point in continuing with you as you constantly ignore points and bring up “what abouts” and “outliers” to try to dismiss what people are saying.

What you posted is the equivalent of saying that you know black people to prove you are not racist. You knowing some new people that dont have the issue does not mean most new people do not have the issue and resolves nothing…same with your base assumptions that anyone that is having an issue is not putting any time into the game as if they all magically got to level 80, did their main quest-line, just by logging in. Oh and all by IGNORING my points about being able to raid with new people to LEARN the raids and get experience. Anything to just dismiss what people say so you can prop up your own points.

Cannot help but wonder what anyone is gaining by ignoring and dismissing valid concerns…its almost as if some people have a vested interest in making sure as many people do not stay as possible.


Its already practically for free, for the people that try the slightest getting it wielding it, sorry pal, you can already obtain t5 gear if you pay up.


I see the quest for T6 weapons as a brilliant way of giving a carrot to the people that should rather play the real game than be stuck in the tiresome RF loop. Too bad some people just refuse to play the game as its supposed to be played, and insist of trying to make it a singleplayer title.


I don’t really care anymore, it is possible to get the T6 rewards as a completely new player that has just started the game at the start of the saga server, I have seen it happen multiple times now. Of course not everyone can achieve this goal but that’s completely normal in every game. Can’t count how many times I didn’t get the end reward in games during events because I simply didn’t put that much work into the game.

Some people here just want some solo content to get their T6 wepaons, complain less and play more, half of the content can be gained by standing AFK in a corner of the raidfinder anyways.
If you don’t want to cooperate with people and learn something you wont get the best rewards in the whole game, especially if you are completely new.


Now how can you not see the elitist attitude here, it’s practically dripping with it.
oh… I am not your pal.

My point was about the Saga reward, I myself am not defined by what tier I use, I am perfectly happy at the t3-4 mark so I won’t need to “throw wallet”. Still it’s interesting how you see other players.


Can’t please everyone & it will be other chances.


You never cared and you proved it with that sentence in the quote. You created a lie to justify your view.

If your view requires lies to be true, your views are wrong.


You know, ive been in this game for a long time, and its always coming loud people to the game, wanting the game to mold around their own skilllevel, instead of themselfes to improve. Gets pretty tiring. But was abit too harsh, agreed, and sorry for that.


And you wont accept the fact that new people can easily get the T6 weapons even though I have played with +60 or more of them already. I can’t see the problem with this quest, when some of these new players did it they were like: “Wait, that’s it?”. Of course they were happy about their weapon but when you are basically done with the game already while playing for 4 weeks it’s a bit disappointing for them.


Outliers are not the norm.

Hey, I know 7 millionaires in real life thus everyone can be a millionaire and are just lazy and want everything handed to them if they are not!


“Outliers”, yeah sure. Keep living in your dream world where everyone who puts a little bit work and time into something is instantly an “Outlier”.

Whatever, keep complaining on the forums, maybe you will somehow magically get the weapons at the end of the saga server, meanwhile I will keep raiding with new people to help them achieve their goal.


So, dont even know what the word outlier is or just being obtuse to prop up your view again…

Its funny how only one side of this argument is actually presenting points while the other is ignoring or flat out lying to prop up theirs.

So you are going to pretend again that my argument is not about the T6 weapon, your points must be incredibly weak to require having to do that constantly.


If that hypothesis would be the same, you would have to say that the millionares started out from nowhere, no money, self-tought themselfes without education or guidance to help them. since veterans of aoc didnt read the tactics from forums, they went there with trial and error busting their ■■■ to learn.

Your generation on the other hand, got acces to t4 gear before even starting t2 leviathan, and all the strats down if you just google T4 aoc strats.


Everyone starts out no money or items on Saga.
Veterans have all their knowledge.
New players have no knowledge.
Saga time is limited.
Veterans had years to learn.
New players may have access to strategies but they must learn the GAME and RAIDS.

Your analogy failed not only with your example, but your assumption that the millionaires I know came from money…one of them was born in Cabrini-Green…the PROJECTS in Chicago. Neither parent ever graduated from High School nor did he. Stole a computer when he was a kid and learned how to program himself and started his own small software company.


Thanks for a geniune loud laugh. Saga is 4-5 months long. People who have done RF since the start have close, if not full T4 gear, they have all the strats down in detail on the forum. And as Force just said, hes witnessed completely new players get into raids and indeed claim their weapons. You know some people understand what they have to do to achiev it, they need to socialize and get into real raids, or start their own raids for that matter. There are hundred of players who havent even tried, they are just stuck in their RF spam. Theres no saving for those people. Thus, shouldnt get the strongest weapon ingame. I know it stings sometimes when the goal is out of your reach, but thats life. Period. Ive spent too long in here already.


You are talking about other people not reading your posts.
Well, you did not read mine, if you call it a rant.
I am sorry that you can not understand german - otherwise my post in this forum with all the information gathered together a new player needs would have been rally helpfull for you and your quest issue. How a new player can not see that the raid tiers are a progression, and you should raid one after the other to get experience…there you make some pretty nasty assumptions about your fellow players.

Btw, the raids Force is talking about: I am one of the raidleaders. We have usually 50% new, or returning players with us, clear T1-T4, sometimes we need more time due to explanations and some wipes, but we get people to finish their quests. Your don’t seem to believe him - well, I invite you to join my raids and see for yourself. Hit me on ingame, Kantaqua.

But what you don’t seem to get: It is not actually about gear, or time, it is about beeing interested in the game and learning how to play your character well. As people told you over and over again: You can not do that alone as a new player. You need to socialize. No one is expecting new players to build up a new raidforce of their own.

All you are asking about (new players beeing able to catch up with veterans gearwise) has allready been adressed long bevor Saga. Raid gear vendors, tokens, participation tokens, increased token gaine, increased aa exp, nerfed raids, again nerfed raids, and of course raidfinder. The speed new players are catching up with their gear actually cuts their time to learn theit characters too short.

And lastly: The T6 weapon is not a participation reward. It is a reward for beating 5-6 years old content. If you can not do it - you do not get the highest reward.


Just grant everyone full aa and t6 gear once they create their toon, and set the gear so they can equip it at level 1. Just to make sure leveling is not too hard


I am not having issues with raids…I came back with a group of friends from another game to give this game another go round and my post history is filled with mentions of it.

Some people actually have the ability to create a post on behalf of those not here and anyone that is not biased knows damn well that Saga chat is filled with people having issues finding raids.

No amount of “but I know people” is going to change that and no amount of accusations that I personally want free stuff is going to hide the severe bias coming from those with the inability to actually making points and refute them.

And lastly, your lastly was not a lastly because your lastly was created by veterans, wanting everyone to do what veterans did to become VETERANS in the first place and has no bearing on Saga which was created to bring in new people to save a dying game…which was already addressed TWICE in this thread. Oh wait, inability to refute points, I forgot.

Official stance on multi-instances?

I want special T7 weapons for the 2 elite guilds that killed Ethram on Saga!


If there is problems finding a raid, create one. There is enough guides, videos etc to know tactics. And I am sure if you announce in global there is more than enough of fresh and old blood to carry it through. There is no excuses for anyone regarding the title of this thread.