New players is not gonna get t6 weapons



I want special T7 weapons for the 2 elite guilds that killed Ethram on Saga!


If there is problems finding a raid, create one. There is enough guides, videos etc to know tactics. And I am sure if you announce in global there is more than enough of fresh and old blood to carry it through. There is no excuses for anyone regarding the title of this thread.


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I feel largely that the quest FOR the saga server is a decent enough compromise. You are given a full set of t1 out the gate at 80, and a t4 cloak for the Destiny Quest. Then raidfinder gives the t6 necklace. They could have made us clear all the way through t6, but most wouldnt be able to obtain that in the given timeframe, but they arent. What they have given people to clear, with the time frame given to us, with a 200% token bonus for p2p, is fairly generous.

I myself am a “casual” player in regards to how I treat the game. I’m not really new, but rather returning, but I had little issues in getting the first two boss requirements down for saga. I found a guild that was helpful and explained things, and was willing to deal with wipes. They don’t yell at wipes, but they certainly dont “Carry” people through content. To boot, I play this game one handed due to a physical disability, and I manage to not only play a melee class well enough to raid, but I manage to land top 5 in parses on almost every fight. There are still TWO full months for people to get through t4, and I personally think it’s more than doable in the allotted timeframe. I cannot speak for other “new players” or “returning players” or “handicapped players” but I do not want special treatment, or a “trophy reward” style quest to get the t6 weapon- rather I want to experience the game, learn the raids, find nice people to raid with, and experience the fun in getting my shiny weapon, and I feel that anything less than what’s on the table currently with the questline, is “particpation trophy” style.

If it’s TRULY about the journey, then let them experience THIS saga as the journey it was meant to go for— Raiding through the highest tiers you/your guild can get through. There will probably be other Sagas with other journeys in the future.

And, I wanted to add this in, I don’t think this was a server with the sole intention of getting fresh blood into the game. How many of the people will stay after the saga ends is probably minimal, moreso I think the intent was to use the server to make money by disabling claims and such so it made people buy gear packs for mounts and inventory bags.


I, the mighty Sagablow destroyed Ethram-Fal for all of you, where is my full legendary set!?


When you get yours, let Minndark know also, as she will want hers for killing Ethram also.


As a full-time PVPer that has never dipped into PVE until this server I can say with confidence, I think Funcom did a good job at making a task that takes some work, but is not impossible. I believe it is a happy medium. I did not want them to make it so easy that it’s basically a free T6 weapon, nor did I want it to be reserved for veteran PVE’ers only.

It’s easy. Do the work, watch videos and research fights, find a guild that is working on progressing through the raids and learn/grow with them.