New players is not gonna get t6 weapons



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I feel largely that the quest FOR the saga server is a decent enough compromise. You are given a full set of t1 out the gate at 80, and a t4 cloak for the Destiny Quest. Then raidfinder gives the t6 necklace. They could have made us clear all the way through t6, but most wouldnt be able to obtain that in the given timeframe, but they arent. What they have given people to clear, with the time frame given to us, with a 200% token bonus for p2p, is fairly generous.

I myself am a “casual” player in regards to how I treat the game. I’m not really new, but rather returning, but I had little issues in getting the first two boss requirements down for saga. I found a guild that was helpful and explained things, and was willing to deal with wipes. They don’t yell at wipes, but they certainly dont “Carry” people through content. To boot, I play this game one handed due to a physical disability, and I manage to not only play a melee class well enough to raid, but I manage to land top 5 in parses on almost every fight. There are still TWO full months for people to get through t4, and I personally think it’s more than doable in the allotted timeframe. I cannot speak for other “new players” or “returning players” or “handicapped players” but I do not want special treatment, or a “trophy reward” style quest to get the t6 weapon- rather I want to experience the game, learn the raids, find nice people to raid with, and experience the fun in getting my shiny weapon, and I feel that anything less than what’s on the table currently with the questline, is “particpation trophy” style.

If it’s TRULY about the journey, then let them experience THIS saga as the journey it was meant to go for— Raiding through the highest tiers you/your guild can get through. There will probably be other Sagas with other journeys in the future.

And, I wanted to add this in, I don’t think this was a server with the sole intention of getting fresh blood into the game. How many of the people will stay after the saga ends is probably minimal, moreso I think the intent was to use the server to make money by disabling claims and such so it made people buy gear packs for mounts and inventory bags.


I, the mighty Sagablow destroyed Ethram-Fal for all of you, where is my full legendary set!?


When you get yours, let Minndark know also, as she will want hers for killing Ethram also.


As a full-time PVPer that has never dipped into PVE until this server I can say with confidence, I think Funcom did a good job at making a task that takes some work, but is not impossible. I believe it is a happy medium. I did not want them to make it so easy that it’s basically a free T6 weapon, nor did I want it to be reserved for veteran PVE’ers only.

It’s easy. Do the work, watch videos and research fights, find a guild that is working on progressing through the raids and learn/grow with them.


Saga of Zath promo was get a character to level 80, get a T-6 weapon. No mention of Get a character to level 80, kill all the Raid bosses, get a T-6 weapon. I feel deceived now. Do you have to kill all the Raid bosses in every Raid, or certain Raids like those in the Raid Finder?

I would be angry, but the T-6 weapons all have -1000 PvP hit rating and so are trash weapons to me.


As the quest states, do the raid finder once, and then in the normal raids, kill Leviathus (T2), Toth-Amon (T3), Bat of Nergal (T3.5), and Emperor Yah-chieng (T4).

This lets you skip all 3 T1 instances, 2 T2 instances, 1 T4 instance, T5, and T6.


Finally, in late, i have done it.
New players CAN get their T6 weapon.
I am too happy :heart:
Thank you to all veterans that have helped me so much and bringed me in their raid and had patience for explain every tactic :smile:


Great job, congratulations!
Remember, you’ll get another set of T6 weapons for one of your characters on Crom in 2 weeks :wink:


Not exactly a new player, I’m a returning player gone for around 8 years or so. WAY out of date. Took me just over a month to get my T6. Put yourself out there, put a little elbow grease in, and you’ll do fine. Sit back on your elbows and hope the world falls into your lap and you may not get much at all. New or old, same rules apply on this one.


Here’s one of the first announcements for the Saga server from Jan 22, 2018:

Doesn’t call out what raids are needed,but says Fulfill your Destiny (quest)
Complete a Raid via the Raid Finder*
Classic Raid Progression


See your wrong about giving out some top reir gear won’t bring people back or bring in new players. I played for a long time and quit never to play again until my friend told me about Saga and what you can get. The idea of going to a game that has been established for a long time can be very daunting and some might look at it being impossible to get to where current players are. But if you give a person a small piece or a start to that end game gear it’s just the right carrot. Giving a person a T6 weapon doesn’t break the game like implementing raid finder.


The whole discussion was not about the t6 weapon from the saga quest, I think the difficulty of this quest is totally fine and justified, even for new players. The discussion started when people said that getting the T6 weapon is too hard and should be (even) easier, tipsymagi even suggested (in a differetn thread… there are too many about this topic…) to make more high tier items easier accessible (or even free) which I simply don’t agree with since it’s easy (especially on saga right now due to increased token gain) to get T4 sets by farming RF which is even easier than Flame/Vortex/Palace HM runs.


Couldn’t agree with this more , I have played since launch, but left the game just before Xmas with every intention of not coming back, the idea of the T6 weapons for an alt ( saga toon) and a main (crom toon) was to good to turn down.
I enjoyed the server, although i have to be honest i would like to have seen more steps to the Saga quest, not necessarily for more PvE loot but to stretch it out a little, the Server run for a long time in comparison to the quest challenges . Maybe some extra Vanity gear or something for AA gain?
I managed to get everything done T6 weapons in hand in 8 days, so the server running for months on an end is fine, if there was more " Special Saga content" to occupy us all.