New Player's question, its worth it?


it is definitely worth it, the people who will answer you here are the proof, or they are mas0 and play a game they do not like and waste their time on his forum.

The game is completely free, test! You are the best to know if you like it and do not hesitate to ask for advice if you do not understand something.


Fixed it.:stuck_out_tongue:


I liked TSW better. However, as a new player, looking at the options of a game where the whole story is free but the mechanics aren’t as good, versus a game where the whole same story is a $150 investment with better mechanics, I’d rather save the money. That’s why we have SWL in the first place.


Play the game for story and atmosphere, do not grind gear, do not participate in any Group activity till u finished south africa. if you pass IP 250 the game gets boring cus u win all fights

after u finished the story and dont want to run the same content over and over again

look for another game