New players wanted! Crimson open to all!


Hello! I just created a server for conan exiles that can house up to 18 more players, and we would love to have you! We just started yesterday so it would be the best time to join now as you can catch up really quick! Our server name is Crimsons. We would love to have multiple types of players, from the chilled out players, to hardcore pve, to hardcore pvp. We welcome all types! You keep your inventory on death, buildings can be destroyed, resources are boosted to x3 on harvest, and rules are subject to change based on what the community needs! Please do join we would love to have you! Currently we are a small server, and plan to increase if our number of slots of 20 doesn’t meet requirements. We are a North American server! I am sorry I didn’t include this in the original draft!


It is in North america, sorry for the late reply.