New Playthrough Checklist?

I’ve played on and off since launch. I’m currently working on a new playthrough on a PVE-C server. It’s got me thinking about my priorities for the character and what is most needed to establish myself on a server. Normally I try to do the following:

  • Discover locations and fight cave spiders and gorillas until level 60.
  • Unlock religion trainers (Yog and Set), sorcery, and now golem crafting.
  • Build a starter base in a low purge threat area.
  • Get Fighter Thralls for purge base protection.
  • Get Artisan Thralls for production.
  • Get horses for faster travel and farming run storage.
  • Unlock and craft warm heavy armor.
  • Unlock and craft ancient weapons.
  • Establish a forward base in the north and start mining star metal.
  • Do the dungeon and craft Silent Legion Armor and Telith’s Weapons.
  • Build an elaborate base.
  • Do dungeons, collect hidden armors, and emotes.
  • Get distracted by other video games until your base decays.
  • Start all over again.

What am I forgetting? What is your playthrough checklist?

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→ Kill a World Boss with stone daggers.
→ Get a Legendary Weapon from said boss.
→ Kill the Red Mother as many times as needed to acquire the Dragonscale Helm.
↳ In the meantime, acquire a Memory of Oils (you will see why later)
→ Go everywhere and kill everything because I have temperature protection and legendary weapons.

→ Remember that I should build a base because I like building stuff.
→ Go get Black Blood Tools from the appropriate boss.
→ Slap an Oil of Bounty on my Black Blood Pick and Hatchet to build a massive T3 base in no time.
↳ While materials are being processed, I upgrade my benches and find some Thralls to accelerate the processing of materials.

→ Enjoy Tower Defense game, aka. Purges.
→ Start over at some point.

How do you kill bosses with stone daggers? You sir have more skill than me.

Find a Giant Spider, it’s the easiest one.
Then, you need 2 pairs of stone daggers, and a bit of stone on yourself. When one pair breaks, you repair them, and you use the other pair of daggers while they are repairing.

You use the heavy attack to apply bleed on the boss, you stack them up to 20 and then you only hit to re-apply bleed, to keep the damage over time going. Bleed does the same amount of damage whether it is applied by stone daggers or star metal daggers, so for stone weapons this is the most optimal damage you can get for a boss.

Now the spider is really easy: You see it prepare its attack, you walk to the side and do one heavy attack while it misses you, that’s all there is to it.
Only thing you need to be careful about is its other move where it stomps the ground and jumps in the air before landing back; when it stomps the ground, you roll away, simple as that.

There are quite a few bosses that you can simply circle around and bleed to death with stone daggers, but the Giant Spider is most definitely the easiest one.

I always play on PVP official and this is my usual checklist:

  • Level to 60 as fast as possible by farming lotus and black ice
  • While leveling scout all alters on map, take slight detours to check “hidden” build spots and the greenwall
  • Get to level 60 in a few hours this way
  • Probably found a decayed base or someone gave me a better tool so already have stuff or leveled in a shorter period of time
  • Watch chat for server politics, make note of who thinks who is good and bad, etc
  • Build in a small “hidden” spot while mats are farmed and processed
  • Claim a meta spot if available in T1, if not get creative elsewhere
  • Convert T1 to T3 and place benches and T1 altar
  • Find archpriest, farm zeal, convert zeal, convert to T3 and get bubble ready
  • Move some stuff into secured base
  • Make kits, buffs, heals and gather weapons
  • Make DP
  • Do a much more thorough scout and make note of where everyone is (you’re never hidden!)
  • Choose target(s)
  • Make, watch and enjoy the fireworks

My most recent playthrough had me and my clan already at this level in 48hrs lol

That’s fast. Normally takes me a few weeks.

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Here’s some additional steps:

  • read official server rules because there was an update prior to Age of War (since you mentioned PvE-C)
  • build on nemedian foundations, I heard it’s the trend :rofl:

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