New PS4 Dedicated server (more info inside)

Looking for a new Conan exiles server? Do you hate loading in to find your official server is full? What about if your solo or Few of your friends just want to play the game and have fun but can’t because the 10+ tribe wipes you? Fear not, Daggerfall understands and wants you to give us a shot. Daggerfall offers the below…

*5x xp gain
*5x gathering
*3x resources Respawn

  • long fuel timers (yay I hate getting bark)
  • 2x faster thrall conversion
  • pvp all the time
  • raid 1500-2100 mon-fri (3pm - 9pm pst)
  • raid 0700-2100 sat-sun (7am - 9pm pst)
  • No admin abuse
  • small tribes (5max tribe)

If interested search Daggerfall/No admin abuse.

Have any ideas to make the server better? Message Spawn_Lotus or Overlord-Fox on PSN.

Are you still looking for people if so my psn is ranjore1987