New PS4 PVP Server “New World Order” is 10xBoosted and looking for Tenants!

Our Healthy Community is up and running and is now known by the
Server name: New World Order (Dedicated Players Only)
New PS4 PVP w/ Starter Perks, Loot Drops, Server Events and More!
(N.A. East)

The server features the following settings configuration:
-10xBoosted Everything except Combat settings
-Containers Ignore Ownership
-Keep Loot After Death
-Building Damage Weekends start July 6th
(Time Frame will be: 12pm-5pm EST Saturdays and Sundays)
-10x Building Damage Multiplier
-Abandonment System Active
-Purge Level 3 (Subject to change)
-Beginner’s Care Package (Aquilonian Structure @ G3- The Sentinels)
-Public Map Room (Aquilonian Structure Rooftop @ G3- The Sentinels)
-Long Days/ Short Nights
-Logged out characters remain in world
-Admin Bases are Raidable

Looking for dedicated players who are in it for the Long run but new players are welcome as well. Admin is almost always available if you are having problems. Contact via
-PS message to:
or find our
Discord Chat at:


Join the New World Order (Dedicated Players Only) Discord Server!

Check out the New World Order (Dedicated Players Only) community on Discord - hang out with 5 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

If you are having problems contacting me or finding the server you can also comment on this post.
I look forward to seeing your progress!