NEW PS4 SERVER! Immortals: Gods of War

Immortals: Gods of War is a unique experimental server integrating Role Play, PVP, PVE, Quests, Events, World Map kingdom territories, Marketplace, currency and player driven economy. We expect players to register on the discord and respect the community.

Our philosophy and aim is to establish a competitive environment where Clans can compete respectfully. Treat this server as more of a Sports League and each clan is it’s own Team. Honor both your allies and your enemies and protect our server from Spammers, Trolls and Griefers. (The Enemy of my Enemy is my ally.)

The basic story for the server is the war of the gods, the Immortals vs Tartarus. The Immortals is the Administrator Clan who provide help and support to players and the acting protagonist of the server. Tartarus is also run by the administrators but is to be treated as an NPC Clan. They are the main antagonist of the server and throughout the map there are Towers, Dungeons and random check points that are protected by Villains and Monsters. Inside there are chests with Money, Treasure and Rewards.

Any Tartarus Base is fully KoS and players are encouraged to Raid and Destroy them with Explosives. Each tower will have enough treasure inside to support or start a kingdom. As these bases are destroyed more Tartarus locations will spawn randomly as time goes on. This will provide a foundation for economy and trade as more and more treasure will spawn.

The Discord is mandatory for registration on the server, this acts as your “Navigation Tool” for quests, events, map updates and marketplace bartering. If there is any players that are not registered, they will be treated as a bandit and won’t be protected by the server guidelines enforced by the administrators. Any unregistered players or clans will be considered KoS.

Discord registration: invite code: NPYXWER

If you have any questions or request any support, please email