New Purge system is a good gateway to PvP(vE) invasions

New Purge checks for treasury and a way to it and spawns a camp in vicinity. It’s far from perfect. If you build in a difficult spot or with not enough flat area(? from my experience) you might either not be able to have it, or spam proclaiming your wealth a few times before it does.

Even then, one of issues I personally have, are ball throwers who are a menace for bridges, though with how AI works they are not that bad if you build an elevated area - usually they run straight at whoever’s at it and then stand underneath doing nothing.

Still, the whole system seems like an almost ready mechanic for player made invasions where, for example, if someone proclaims their wealth they are put on a list you can choose from and then make an invasion of your own. That would be a great way to actually use all these thralls/pets/whatever, with my personal bias towards not killing them but wounding them, mainly for PvPvE where you’d want to attack your friend’s base or something like that.

It could for example use special tables that would allow to enlist your followers, or even use non-placed ones for waves - this way, considering PvP servers with a limit on followers, would be the fodder while your leveled units would be (could be) commanders, or simply the main strike force. I assume usually it would be: fodder wave, fodder wave, strong wave, or something like that.

Which also brings me to the idea of special followers that would be your Champion, like I hate that Frost Giants are weak - it’d be much more dope if placing one as your champion would boost their stats, perhaps make them little bigger in case of thralls. Though I wanna clarify - one champion. Or General of your army if you will. Seems like a cool way to flex your best unit or make your favorite pet actually useful.

Also for wounding, I see it as an option first and foremost - mainly for your active followers, with non-placed item ones being destroyed if they are killed, this way gathering weaker thralls or breeding a lot of pets makes a lot of sense and has some meaning.

Also, this could be used for PvE too - depending on server, settings or perhaps future official map, some places could be real strongholds that you practically need to invade this way. Or have to bring siege stuff to break through something, like a wall. So end-game dungeons would require you to lie siege, break into it and then you can enter it. With the idea that the main difficulty is just getting into it, with siege being the first phase, but once you get inside - your siege ends and once you finish, like with basically any other dungeon, you exit somewhere else.

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