New PvE EU server - The Holy Lands x1rate 20 slots

Welcome to the european PvE Holy Lands server.(IP:

If you are interested to start in a freshly created world on PvE rules, then join us.
Created on 29.12. Following the official server rules, PvP is disabled.
EDIT: Added the following mods - Pippi, Age of Calamitous, LTs compass, Pickup +;

Still interested in a few new friendly players to join us to explore the world :slight_smile:

got a 18 millisecond ping with you :slight_smile:

To make the gameplay more interesting i added the following mods to the server(might add some more in the future):
1)Pippi(QOL mod)
2)Age of Calamitous(lots of new things added)
3)LTs compass(a minimap),
4)Pickup +(picking up everything you built.);